West Ham United Umbro 2015/16 Home Shirts

Celebrating their last season at the Boleyn Ground or Upton Park as it is often known, Umbro back making the Hammers shirts have created a kit similar to the first worn at the ground, when the club played there for the first time in 1904.


A simple design sees a claret shirt, with blue sleeves, incorporating a blue round next collar with claret trim and claret cuffs. Sponsors Betway feature in white across the centre of the kit. The shirt is paired with white shorts and claret socks, that feature the blue trim.

thanks to Steven

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  1. Sponsor kills it and the socks should be white given its their last season at the ground.

  2. I rather like that I do. West Ham seem to have had a run of really nice kits in recent years.

  3. chaffy why white socks? It’s based on the kit first worn at the Boleyn which was claret socks.

  4. Not sure why on every kit people go ‘sponsor ruins it’. We live in an age where there is a sponsor on every shirt. The sponsor logo is hardly ruining the shirt is it
    Great effort umbro

  5. Agree with Borobloke. How does a plain white sponsor on a kit that incorporates white ruin it. Sick of seeing the same automatic, boring responses to kit reviews to be honest. Lovely kit based on the club’s history.

  6. Beautiful shirt. Well don, Umbro.

    I only wish Puma could create something this nice for Arsenal.

  7. As the resident Umbro fan let me congratulate them on another job well done. It’s smart, classy and subtly retro.

  8. Best kit of the year (so far, but I doubt it will be topped) and by a very, very long way.

  9. What a bunch of cox !!! The last decent umbro kit was in 1978. How can you compare this predictable umbro effort with last season’s adidas.

  10. Beautiful shirt that does justice to the heritage of the Hammers. Simple, classy, and the gold embroidery lifts it further. Even the naff sponsor does not spoil a brilliant shirt. Umbro do make the best kits without a doubt.

  11. As a Villa fan, I would be overjoyed with this or something very similar for our home kit. Sadly, we are with Macron, so we will get something infinitely worse. Hammers should be happy, you’ve got a great shirt.

  12. I prefer to see West Ham in white socks (I am aware this is a tribute to the first kit they wore at the Boleyn Ground) but why is it also known as Upton Park?

  13. @15 Upton Park is the area that the stadium is in, but as the area is so synonymous with football, the ground is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Upton Park as well. It is similar to how the Etihad is often referred to as Eastlands.

    Love this kit. I get what people mean about the sponsor, but I don’t think it ruins the kit altogether.

  14. I am a Villa fan so was interested in what you were doing. Very, very nice. Seriously, best you've had in a long time. ( I wish we could all lose the bloody sponsor logo's).

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