To open up the debate on the Manchester United home shirt again, this image below of a United shirt has appeared. Yet again this could be from the football shirt fakers, but we try and give you all the information that is out there. What we can confirm is this is an actual shirt that has been produced by somebody, where or not it was Nike won’t don’t know.

Red with white V Manchester United Shirt

2009 Manchester United Home

So this one had the V across the front in white, some discussions have mentioned it being black. rather than white. Also to take note of is Nike’s V is for Victory campaign, which is seeing a number of Nike players wearing V designs and the thought that this shirt may not be so specific to the old manchester united shirt and more focused on Nike’s marketing campaign and could be seen on other teams shirts too, such as Arsenal or Aston Villa. More information when we have it, if you know something please comment below.

Our current understanding is the V for Victory Nike campaign is only for jackets and the Chevron will only feature on the Manchester United shirt.


this image is clearly a photoshoped version of this one:

why that was produced we don’t know

48 thought on “White Chevron on 2009/10 Manchester United Shirt”
  1. I like it. I doubt it’s genuine though – the way the V hangs is very retro, too retro really; I’d imagine it’s far more likely to look like the athleticism-enhancing V on the V for Nike campaign picture.

  2. not bad.. but 2 be honest i dont really like it.. its just too retro nd too old style 4 me and being a united fan i did expect better!!

  3. hav just noticed something… note that there is a black lining (stiching) going through near the shoulder of the shirt and the V just seems to hav been put on the shirt and doesn’t seem to be stiched… so dont really think its genuine..

  4. Are you kidding? Quit posting over and over.

    That’s the most atrocious shirt I’ve ever seen! The V looks like a baby bib, lol.

    My lord, what a laugher.

  5. It does look fake actually, i actually looks like part of it has been photoshopped. If you look carefully around the united crest and nike logo there are slight smudges like they have moved of pasted onto there.

    Also the belly/chest and arm areas look like something was previously there put copied over with the colour red. Other photoshop users sould notice this to.

  6. remove the flappy collar, remove the `v` thing and you have the perfect MUFC shirt.

    I guarantee that if they had no shirt sponsor they would recoup the money from shirt sales. Charge less = more customer opportunities.

    Mirror the white banding with a red band of the same dimensions on the shorts and socks and you have THE best ever MUFC shirt.

  7. Firstly, a lovely shirt! Socondly, the details. The above article suggests that they are certain it’s an actual physical shirt, only they don’t know if it’s made by Nike or a faker (if it is indeed a faker, Nike should sign them up!) The badge is the same as the current home shirt, they may have removed it from that and placed it on this potential fake.

  8. i like everything, but i feel it would look better if the ‘v’ was more like the ‘v’ in the bottom pic, and that if the nike tick and MUFC logo was on top of that

  9. not the actual shirt for next season but its definetly gonna have the white V on it
    the away sirt is the same template in black with a blue V on the chest
    ( seen it in a nike showroom … )

  10. It’s another v shape fake jersey! The v isnt wide enough, better still the v for nike campaign itself looks fake!

  11. this is definitely a fake. The real home shirt will look basically like mexico’s world cup 06 shirt with the crest and badge positioned on the white chevron, not below it. This is the same for the away only the shirt is black with a blue chevron on it. From a reliable source

  12. groin grabbingly good shirt, can’t wait to get J.S Park no.13 on the back of that

  13. i was told recently by a utd season ticket holder that the kit 4 next season was to commemorate 100 yrs since 1st time they won the FA cup and that they had to have a ‘V’ sewn on for that final cos of a kit clash. so maybe its real?

  14. i think this was made by a fake, but the real version will look much like this one

  15. shirt sponsors ruins every shirt
    retro is best
    very nice shirt like united of old

  16. The sponsor will still be AIG for their last season of their deal.

    The 1909 FA Cup Final and 1920s shirt was white with a red V.

    I like the colour, but it should be a lace-up.

  17. first arsenal and now man u! these faughking sand nigger sponsers keep showing up on kits and i refuse to be a billboard for them and their business.

  18. Hahaha, that looks like a woman shirt. Im 11 and even i can make a better shirt then that.

  19. if you take away the colar and the V, this is just the united top from a couple of years back – the busby babes tribute. the same collar and cuffs (they have changed the badge – probably photoshopped)- and if you look at the stitching just above the white cuff on the sleeve, that matches the stitching on the old kit also. the only difference here is they have changed the yellow stitching (going from under-arm to collar) and made it red. I’d say this is a fake! Google the united kit 06/07 and compare it – you’ll see what I mean…

  20. V for what??cmon it jersey for a big player,not a whiteboard….
    first sight it look like kindergarten jersey….OMG

  21. Sorry to spoil the party but this isnt the kit! Man Utd are keeping AIG until 2010/11 seaon when they will change to Aon. Im glad, i really dont like this kit

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