White Manchester United Away 2008/09

White Manchester United Away 2008/09

White Manchester United Away 2008/09

Here is what could be Manchester United’s new away shirt for next season, made by Nike this white shirt uses a new Nike template that has been seen recently on the likes of the Portugal home shirt and Brazil away shirt, so it is fairly convincing that this is the real deal.

08/09 Man Utd Away Kit

New Man Utd Away Kit 08/09

Posted by a user on leading Manchester United fans internet forum redcafe.net, he says that his Uncle works for Nike and this is where he got the image from. The shirt itself is white, with blue Nike logo and sponsors AIG across the chest, the blue also has two lines which run down the sides of the kit, with a blue collar that is detailed with red at the bottom. United is written in to the back of the collar.

Posted on April 13, 2008

Comments on “White Manchester United Away 2008/09”

  1. JACOP


  2. Man U 4ever

    i prefer the blk beta

  3. Liridon

    hery nice .cristiano ronaldo the best of king

  4. N

    that ‘s alright but the new kitbags not a problem that they use it to take all champions twice in 2008-2009 do you think that answer is……YES….

  5. Griff

    I think the red/yellow united badge doesn’t go with the blue and white…

  6. Ali

    ya kardeÅŸim hoÅŸ away kits güzelde home kits nerde ? 😀

  7. Ronaldoisdabest

    i love this kit and it is not fAKE AS IT IS ON THE MANU WEBSITE.

  8. Indiana Jones

    it is real and it mint

  9. Sophie Is Da Name

    dis shirt is lush ronaldo will look fit in it!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Andy

    i fudging love this shirt best white one to come out in years.iv always loved the white united kits and owned most of them this one is the best so far and i love the blue shirts.doesnt resemble man utd theme much but it is a great kit for champions and soon to be superchampions and world club champions.

  11. Con-con

    i like this top but it would be good if it was a red top for the home kit, fot the away it white or black, and it was white or black cuz it is the man utd coulers.
    by connor mcCabe

  12. Will995

    i h8 it but it will probably grow on me

  13. Connor Paton

    I realy like it im buying it defonutly

  14. The Shit Gay Boy

    ronaldo is going to real madrid because of this shirt?

    please dont make it as the excuses…

    i want to see ronaldo at MUFC again…

  15. Phoebe-Lufc

    The shirt is scum and looks like scum ! [N]

  16. Mother Ass

    although it will be the official away kits for MU

    i will never buy it!!!

    i dont want to see ronaldo wearing it!!!!

  17. Luke

    this is the new away kit it wiil be officially released on the 18th june

  18. Vaddu

    what is Tevez wearing here Ryan?

  19. Ryan

    this int even the 08/09 away kit :@ i hate people who make things up like this

  20. Pete (plays For Utd Under 18's)

    jeez people its only the away kit! calm it down yeah!

  21. Dannn

    yehhh this is definately their new away strip :/
    its been confirmed on the man united website.
    dunno if il buy it tho their third strip looks better than this (y)

  22. Rixy

    this is the away 08/09 and the home kit is the same as last yr. thats y the home strip is from 07/09.

  23. Bethan

    im not sure about this shirt =(
    why put blue on a man united shirt though?
    doesnt really make sence to me.

    but will still buy it (:

  24. Fred

    dont mind the design but the badge is awful it makes me sick

  25. Woody

    y r man u wanting chelsea colours

  26. Andy

    I love this top, really hope it is it, will be getting big Donger 21 on the back if so. The blue one knocking about the internet is shite

  27. Adrian Clack

    It Rock its the quad this year for united i am buying the shirt Chelsea suck !!!!

  28. ManU Suck Balls


    MAN U FINISH 20th 😀

  29. Jake

    this is not the away kit next season cause i saw the exact same thing in the nike shop in the airport and it was just a training kit or something.

  30. Anonomous

    What on earth is that? KEEP THIS YEARS AWAY KIT!!! KIT THIS YEARS 3RD KIT!!! KEEP THIS YEARS HOME KIT!!! They could do with some tweaking but honestly a Man U outfielder with blue lines is a complete DISGRACE!!!
    It’s almost as bad as this year Chelsea away kit!!!

  31. Zander

    that tops fake

  32. Greaney

    its a nice shirt.. a shame if it’s a fake kit. man u will look good

  33. The Shit

    i hate this gay kits!!!

  34. Asim

    to reddevilrooney yes they will use the 2007/2008 home kit as the first kit, the new white shirt as the 2nd kit and the 2007/2008 black away kit as the 3rd kit

  35. Dan

    by blue I think people meant the strips on the side

  36. Gregg

    Everybody saying that it’s blue… are you f.ucking blind or just stupid? It’s white, any idiot can see that. The reason it looks blue is because it’s taken on a mobile phone camera, and mobile phone cameras are crap.

  37. Adnan

    this is fake kit that man utd are going to wear.
    this is just the training shirt for managers ect which is avalible to buy in places like sports world. if the shirt is new and not even in the United Megastore why would it be on someone sofa.

  38. Bigweebully88

    good call pert i can see nacho novo wearing that 😀

  39. Andy

    hope it has blue or red print and a blue line down the back i like it

  40. Dave

    i REALLY don’t think this is real, it is not like Man Utd to replace w hite kit with a white (As everyone knows, the white is the kit we’ve used since 2006 as oppose to 2007 for Red and Black ones.) I honestly believe the blue one on an earlier page is the more likely one.

  41. I Eat

    This is shit shirt for MU lolz!!
    i dont like the design….

  42. ManUtdFan

    It’s freakin awful …
    Rather dubious

  43. Nick

    its a fkin joke lets be honest ive brought every kit over every season cuze i wnna go 2 da games as ya should dere makin football a rich mans sport its getin a joke now money grabbin tossers.

  44. Me

    I agree this looks like an american shirt and it suckz cant they come up with something “man u” like might be an older shirt something but change something in that

  45. Curtis

    it looks alrite but ive seen beta

  46. Michael

    it looks alright but the the quality of the picture makes it look kind of rubbish lol

  47. Colly

    if its blue and white it will be wel gd gettin bebatov when we get him on the back or champions 08 come on u reds moscow here we go

  48. Goodboy

    why blue

  49. Manu Fan

    tim manu are a team

  50. Cassidy

    Great shirt!! but why get rid of the black 1!

  51. Sam

    im a man u fan
    and thats buzzin
    as foooooook

  52. Lucaz Mufc

    im gonna get thids with ronlado on the back

  53. Chelsea Boy Sean

    dont think its real

  54. Danny





  56. MUFC_EMcL

    This shirt is nice i hope there is an all blue kit aswell to remember 1968 wud get that in L/s Giggs

  57. Paul

    this kit is goog, just good
    its not brilliant but i would buy it to show my support to the club!

  58. Geoff

    this kit is goog, just good
    its not brilliant but i would buy it to show my support to the club!

  59. CW

    This has to be a fake. Looks basic. Nike not very original these days with any of their shirts.

  60. RekoO

    I don’t know, but it looks nice
    I think it will look great with blue shorts 🙂

  61. ManRed

    Another bland kit from Boring, Boring Nike!
    Can’t they come up with something a bit more distinctive/memorable? Why not introduce a red chevron or a black/red vertical chest stripe which would give it a bit of identity rather than being just another plain white shirt.
    Will still be bought in it’s thousands by all the daytrippers though!

  62. McB

    Nice shirt defo gonna buy it!! will it hav a line down the back like the present kit? & wat colour will the name and numbering be, black or navy blue?


  63. McEl Gavin Nufc

    the tops ok uniteds away was better last season

  64. Jim

    Brilliant the blue look super.

  65. Brad

    this shirt is exactly the same as last seasons training shirt.

    its fake!!!

  66. Al

    Looks like a training t-shirt.

  67. Ant

    I’m all for classic/retro style shirts but tbh I think Nike are just being lazy now. (Probably in relatiation to adidas who over design most of their kits atm)

  68. SAM

    really nice kit is there a new home one or is it staying the same for another season

  69. Ollie

    the shirt’s a complete fake, from the photo it looks more like a normal short sleeved t-shirt than a football shirt, hope it’s fake anyway because it looks rubbish

  70. Tim

    This season’s home shirt was leaked about this time last year, so it could be real. I don’t believe it is though, and if it is it’s a boring and uninispired shirt from Nike yet again. Could be worse though, it could be Adidas…

  71. Syders

    i dont believ this will be it as man united would have this shit on wraps much much better. not a chance would they release or allow any type of photo of it at this tym.

  72. MikeC

    that shirt is flippin awful….there is no way on earth i am buying that….i am keeping the black and red away kit

  73. P$C

    Not Bad
    Not that Good
    but Not that bad

    im gna get it with Vidic on the back

  74. Stfc4ever

    all nike kits look pretty much the same and there is no real imagination

  75. Pert

    This looks like a Rangers kit.

  76. Bob


  77. Tim

    Who are “manu”, manu fan?

  78. Manu Fan

    hey,reddevilrooney its 2008/09

  79. Manu Fan

    i like it.its like last years one only its white

  80. Aaron Parker

    does any one now were i can find the 08/09 goalkeeper kit for man utd

  81. Admin

    Kitbag say that the home is 2007/09.

  82. Reddevilrooney

    does anybody know if the present red home kit is 2007/08 or 2007/09?

  83. RedCafe

    RedCafe do not officially endorse this shite.

  84. Kim

    hum.. blue.. bilieve..

  85. Reddevilrooney

    anythin Man U wear won’t change the way we play. saw hundreds of comments against the present kit last year, but after a while ppl come to love it. same will happen here.most ppl hate change but the world goes on and they hv to adapt & accept it.

  86. JohnnieBoy

    Yet another bland shirt, but no doubt will sell in there thousands.

  87. Aaron Parker

    i like the colour and im a united fan the colour makes the top luck good

  88. Chris

    it looks american, colour wise, im a united fan and buy kits each year, but unless this grows on me, im not buying or wearing that.

  89. Aaron Parker

    i really like it i cannot wait for it to come out

  90. Chris

    i really dislike this shirt.

  91. Aaron Parker

    nice im bying that

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