Wigan Athletic Third Kit 2013/14

Here is the new Wigan Athletic third kit for the 2013/14 season. Wigan are playing in the English Championship this season after an 18th place in the Premier League last season meant they were relegated. Their poor league performance was overshadowed by their FA Cup success, after they defeated Manchester City to lift the prestigious English trophy. Following their FA Cup win last season, Wigan will now embark on their first ever European campaign, earning a place in the 2013/14 Europa League group stage.

The new Wigan third kit features a green shirt with silver hoops on the sleeves. It has a buttoned collar and silver trim. The shirt is manufactured by mi-fit and sponsored by 12BET.

Image: Wigan Official Website

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  1. It’s a nice shirt.

    Seem to remember Wigan wearing a bit of a green trim on their shirts from time to time.

  2. @1, Yeah, when Dave Whelan took over he switched them to not-at-all jjb sports colour scheme of blue and green

  3. Never seen the point of teams wearing green kits on a green pitch. Nevertheless, this is a nice looking kit. Well done Mi-Fit!

  4. Years ago the ny jets signed a rookie quarter back after half a season they couldnt understand why he wasnt performing , he did it perfectly all week in practice, come game time he seemed to fall apart. The reason the jets wore an all green strip and the qb failed to see his teamates as they were perfectly camoflagued with the grass, they changed helmets to white and the rest as they say is history.So be very wary of an all green strip and pig farmers of course

  5. I’m with the frog on this, fantastic shirt.

    Shame it’s the pie munchers from Wiggin.

  6. That is really, really nice. If that was a Republic of Ireland kit, I’d be over the moon with it.

  7. @5 – Yeah I remember the old Adidas shirts they had, blue/green/white.

    As with Kermit, I like this, Wigan have some nice kits this season.

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