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Wolves Home & Away Shirts 09/10

Wolves Home & Away Shirts 09/10

Wolves Home & Away Shirts 09/10

Wolverhampton Wanderers have revealed their new home and away kits that the team will wear next season in the Premier League which are made by Le Coq Sprtif.

The Home shirt is Wolves’ traditional colour of Orange. There is black piping around the end of the sleeves and the collar is also black. The club badge is on the left of the shirt and the makers have their logo on the right of the shirt in black. The new club sponsors, Sporting bet, have their name written across the middle of the shirt. The shirt will be worn with  black shorts and orange socks.

The away shirt is mainly white. There is red bands down the shoulders of the shirt and the collar is also red, which pays tribute to a former kit all the way back towards the end of the 19th century when Wolves wore red and white stripes. The club badge is on the left of the shirt and the makers have their logo on the right of the shirt in red. The new club sponsors, Sporting bet, have their name written across the middle of the shirt. The shirt will be worn with white shorts and socks.

The home shirt will be available to buy from the 15th of May and the away shirt will be available in July.

Posted on April 30, 2009

Comments on “Wolves Home & Away shirts 09/10”

  1. James

    away kit looks like stoke or something, absolutely disgustin

    Home kit is really nice tho :P:P

  2. StokieSteve

    Le coq do quality shirts. But those two are ugly!

  3. Daniel

    it is lush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! better than liverpools.

  4. William Reakes

    not the wolves colour
    great team shit kit

  5. Key

    the home kit is shocking. the away kit is ok but wud be better with blach or gold. reely i think they shud of kept thr 08/09 kits. but thats wolves 4 ya lol

  6. Jack

    Home kit: 8/10
    Away Kit: 2/10

  7. Alex

    Home Kit iz Amazing and the away kit is alright i would buy both but not play football in da away kit

  8. Jonny Big

    Both of these kits are awful, especially the away one wont be buying neither, the logo is too high up on the shirt and the home one needs more black on it. i know the away kit is a memorial kit but dont do that its rubbish should be white and gold or black and gold, overall kits are awful!!!.

  9. AndyAndyMutch

    Going down? We’ll see…..

  10. Danny Badboy

    Goin down boys. i dnt mind wolves but thats a horrible kit and if your kits is horrible u will lose 😀

  11. VPom

    I think they are both pretty god awful !

    The away one shows nothing of wolves , no gold and black except the emblem !

    We will be blending in with the stewards in the home shirt , might be time to invest in some sun glasses !

    At least we wont get run over in it!!

  12. Gallers

    Is that a Y-neck? Very Topman…

  13. Naenia

    They look really cheap to me …

  14. Jack

    i hate it! i loved the old kit, and i thought the chaucer stuff looked alrigth but the multi-coloured sponsor is horrible. i want the old shirts back!!!

  15. Nath

    i kinda like the away

  16. Jambo

    Don’t worry about the away kit being shit, Wolves will only have to wear it once (if Hull stay up) because nobody else clashes with them. The home kit is nice though but I thought Wolves wore ‘old gold’ not orange as stated

  17. Alex (Hull City Afc

    Home kit looks smart but tacky sponsor, away kit looks like a dirty sheffield blunts shirt

  18. Dan

    Why the heck do they need an away kit anyway? its not like hull are staying up lol

    I joke, i joke!

  19. Pete

    Home shirt looks great although I’m not feeling the sponsor logo… too close to the badge, and the colors are pretty jarring.

  20. I*T*P*L

    I like both the designs, but the home one is way too orange for Wolves and the sponsor looks a bit strange on it. I hope Stoke get similar templates though.

  21. Cole

    i thought the home looked a bit too orange,
    but having a browse on the home site it seems the editing on that picture is terrible, its a lot more golder

    the only problem i think is the fast “sporting bet” is really i high up 🙁

  22. Fraz

    tacky, i dont like them adidas kits look good this year

  23. Rikki Studnikki

    That away kit is definite relegation fodder. I’m sorry Wolves fans – your club is a traditional powerhouse – but in this day and age – you’re coming up and going straight back down.

  24. Watford Boy

    nice away one but wtf about the home 1

  25. We Are Albion

    dirty dorito bastards, dirty dorito bastards lmao worst wolves kit i ever seen BY FAR


    Le Coq’d Up.

  27. Gillyshaw

    youd think it would be something extra special being as its only the clubs 2nd stint in the top flight in a quarter of a century

  28. Sipod

    home kit looks like something from Dream Team that harchester would wear

  29. Chimpfeatures

    Phil Brown will be buying a truck load of the home kit

  30. Council Estate Wolf

    Old Gold?

    Looks like the kit you would wear if you worked on the Motorways.

  31. Dooshra

    Them both shite. Dingles will go straight back down

  32. Susloparoff

    It’s Shakhtar Donetsk))

  33. Livethedream

    Home shirt would have been perfect if they had the sponsor in black, loving the retro fill of tops this year. Hoping villa follow suit

  34. Jez Moxey

    i chose the home kit its shitty orange like my fat face

  35. LFC

    The home kit is class but the away one looks a bit cheap.

  36. El Slinko

    Well said Jh.

  37. Jh

    Ohhh wow!..that sponsor looks terrible and the away is a joke, right?

  38. Baby Doc

    hate that away kit but very nice home kit

  39. Jamie

    we’ll wear the away only once – hull

  40. D King

    Maybe by having an orange home shirt, rather than old gold, they will need to wear their change kit against teams who wear red.

    It is a nice home shirt though, although it would have been better if the sponsor’s logo was in black.

  41. El Slinko

    Away kit is quite possibly the most disgusting kit i have ever seen.

  42. PhilFTM

    I dont even know why they have a away kit they wont even wear it and the home kit is imbarassing jst like wolves will be next season with mick mcCarthy as manager.

  43. AndyAndyMutch

    Seen another picture on the net where home kit is not so ‘day-glo’ and more like old gold (web editor check your facts please). Away kit is an utter nightmare, who on earth came up with that?

  44. Kenny Burns In The Sun

    Home kit looks really good, shame about the sponsors logo spoiling it though.

    The away kit is probably one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Should have been black with orange or white with black.

  45. Badegg

    i thought wolves were old gold????

  46. Bazza

    reminds me of the doritos shirts they had when they were last in the premier league

  47. Chris Ldfc

    really like the retro look to our new home shirt. think the away is awful looking

  48. Mazza

    Well the only thing i can see is that the colour of the home is really bad and they relly want le coq thats pretty low.

  49. John

    Le Coq is top class. I love both the tops.

  50. Brn442

    Nice to see Wolves back up. The home shirt is rather smart, sponsor could be a little lower, but the away? a bit lazy, it looks ill fitting, typical of Le Coq’s darkside.

  51. Loup

    The home kit is beautiful. I really like LCS!
    Away would be better with orange instead of red, in my opinion…

  52. Geha714

    Home is OK, away is tepid.

  53. Charles Fitzgerald

    le coq lolz

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