Wolves Puma Kits 2013/14

Wolves Puma Kits 2013/14

Wolves Puma Kits 2013/14

Wolverhampton Wanderers have launched their new Puma kits for the 2013/14 season. Wolves are currently lying in 22nd place in the Championship, in a close relegation battle with Barnsley and Peterborough United.

2013/14 Home Kit

The new home kit respects the club’s iconic gold and black colours yet features a new design, which is welcomed comfortably by the club’s new main sponsor, ‘What House?’.

The shirt features the PUMA King template with the famous two stripes within the neckline, which as described by the club, represent the passion and loyalty of the fans.

2013/14 Away Kit

The new Wolves away shirt is mainly purple  with a white trim. This new colour follows predominantly blue, white and black away kits in previous seasons.

Source – Club Official Website

Posted on April 23, 2013

Comments on “Wolves Puma Kits 2013/14”

  1. Benjamin Bray

    Shit club

  2. Sainty

    Great kit for a great club, unfortunately they will be showcasing it in the 3rd tier :-\

  3. Charley Johnson


  4. D King

    Greg @ no 8 – Yes, someone agrees with me at last. I rate that shirt as the clevest shirt I have ever seen. I defended this shirt in Dave Moor’s excellent book “The Worst Football Kits of all Time”

    This shirt is quite nice, but will no doubt be an overused template, and as Frank Sidebottom said, what a load of rubbish about the 2 lines.

    As Tonsterwolf pointed out, good to see a sponsor fit in with the shirt colours.

  5. Changeme

    Not familiar with ‘barselona’….where do they play?

  6. Kevin Engeler

    Don't worry about whathouse the new shirts look shit house!


    look like barselona away without yellow

  8. DJ-Frezzie

    these shirts are


  9. Aditoff

    I liked the Wolves shirts when they were sponsored by Goodyear, the colours linked well.Agree with Ver Fonk about Umbro, hope they get some new clients this coming season. Also hope Wolves stay up, think they will.

  10. Vern Fonk

    Wolves haven’t had a good kit since 92. 20 years of s#it kits.

    The 75-77 kit is their best IMO. It was the right shade of gold. It had the classic three wolves badge in the centre of the shirt with the WW next to it. It also had the cool umbro badge with the word umbro inside the diamond. I can’t think of any other side that had that design of logo on their shirts. I think umbro missed the boat bringing back that logo for the tailored by line.

    Wolves could have fantastic kits if they did a few tweaks like change the badge.

    The Uruguay design would have been great for WW but they ended up with a lame team wear kit.

  11. RooneyFan(Parker)MessiSucks

    I hate puma kits, well most of them. I hate this one.

  12. Darren Ratcliffe

    Wolves home and away S**T

  13. Darren Ratcliffe

    If Wolves move there, this cloths will dirty. :-/

  14. Philip Hill

    Should be, what's next, league 1

  15. Mark Burns

    home kit ok, away kit SHIT.

  16. Korts

    Wolves should’ve stuck with Burrda; while just a bit worse than Puma, quality-wise, at least they made an effort of providing specially made designs. Better than this teamwear catalogue junk.

  17. Anthony Firth

    Awful, puma have gone down hill in recent years.

  18. Augustus

    I like the wolf’s head logo itself, but the hexagon around it should go. Home kit is OK. I hope Wolves stay up.

  19. Vern Fonk

    It’s time Wolves changed their crest. That hexagon design looks dated.

    Wolves should have better kits than they’ve had. Great colours, always poor designs.

  20. 1881

    Quite like the home- I didn’t at first glance. Looks better in the video. Away too much like a goal keepers shirt I reckon. Still think I prefer the old school lace up on the Uruguay neck though..

    Greg- definitely a classic shirt – my mate had one circa ’97 even though he didn’t know who Wolves were..just a classic

    Also agreed on the sponsors- good on them for bucking the recent trend and allowing the change of colours to fit the shirt.

  21. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    nice kits . puma are ok sometimes

  22. Greg

    Bring back the classic Puma kit from the mid 1990s with the black sleeves and side pnels where the old gold section was the shape of the Wolf logo. Brilliant design, nay sublime

  23. EagleJim

    Sorry Wolves fans but these look like League 1 kits to me!!!

  24. Steven

    If Rangers get a cheap and nasty teamwear template like this I will not be happy.

  25. Tonesterwolf

    @4 – I liked the fact Burrda always gave us our own designs – remember when us, Watford and Leicester had completely different templates, but the material and workmanship was poor. I think these will be better quality but I’m not sure I like the fact other Puma teams will be wearing the same but in different colours. In all like the home ( will be buying at the Burnley game Sat ), not too sure about the away ( wanted a return to white ), like all GK tops and thanks to Whathouse for agreeing to have the sponsor in black (red in their corporate colour) after those horrible red and blue Sporting Bet logos!!

  26. Forest Fan Nick

    Better than Burda though Wolves fans?

  27. Frank Sidebottom

    “…with the famous two stripes within the neckline, representing the passion and loyalty of the fans…”

    Oh God yeah – those two stripes, whenever I see them I think: ‘nothing screams more obviously ‘passion and loyatly of fans’ than those two stripes. You know they do. They really do.’

    (They don’t.)

  28. Tom

    Actually, not bad.

    But it’ll be let down by every team in the world having a slight variation of this kit. Puma don’t like deviating much from their standard templates…

  29. WhatyatalkinboutWILLIS

    This could be good but its just off. The puma logo and crest are too far apart on the home n the away just isnt nice. League 1 kit league 1 club

  30. Yos Nuttee

    Home is good. away is shit.

  31. Andrew Rockall

    Oooh, not very good at all!

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