World Cup 2010 Matchball: Adidas Jabulani

World Cup 2010 Matchball: Adidas Jabulani

World Cup 2010 Matchball: Adidas Jabulani

We brought you news of the launch date and probable colours of the new Adidas ball for the upcoming World Cup to be held in South Africa. Now, we bring you a picture of the ball before it is launched officially on the 4th December. The name is Adidas Jabulani, meaning to celebrate in the isiZulu language, which is spoken by 25% of South Africa’s population. The magic number behind this ball is 11: it has 11 different colours but the main colours are (as announced earlier) white, black and yellow. These 11 colours represent the number of players in a football line-up, the 11 official language in the host country, and the 11 South African communities. The diversity of all these 11 aspects is put together on one ball, which will be used for the world’s greatest football event, the World Cup.


New technology was developed by German manufacturers Adidas for this special ball, using 8 three-dimensional spherical EVA and TPU panels, and combining them to make the ball perfectly round for better on-pitch play. The players testing this ball praised the new technology and promised to score many goals as it provides exceptional accuracy and very stable flight. When it comes to goalkeepers, the ball provides perfect grip under all conditions. The new ball will be unveiled in the FIFA ceremony where the fixtures and groups for the summer event will be drawn, to be held on the 4th December at the Cape Town Convention Centre. Pre-orders are still being received at Kitbag, and now you know what you are pre-ordering.

Posted on November 30, 2009

Comments on “World Cup 2010 Matchball: Adidas Jabulani”

  1. Amir

    I have 1!!!!!!!!!

  2. Adam

    The ball is fantastic why critc this if you get this ball you will say is phenomoel ;D

    i got one is superball

  3. Grongy

    I loved the 2002 ball. If you hit it perfect on your laces, there wasn’t much stopping it. Didn’t like 2004 ball, it was like a plassie flyaway that you could buy in the park. Haven’t tried anythink the first Nike Aerow due to a series of ankle and knee injuries

  4. Gmoneyreg

    Hey Kirk, once you see the ball I think you’ll better understand what ‘3-dimensional’ and ‘perfect grip’ mean.

    Then you should come back and amend your comments and apologize for speaking on things you have no clue about.

  5. Maca Chelseatillidie

    its not the best ball

  6. K.n

    Good for beach volley.2006 and euro 2004 were much much better.

  7. Mambojambo

    I think Adidas would go for a better description than fake-science ball-ocks Kirky.

  8. Camerooney :D

    i think this is a really good ball.however i dont think the 2002 world cup ball wil be beaten for a while. but i think this beats the euro 2008 and world cup 2006 ball

  9. Kirk

    What a load of rubbish!

    What does this mean?
    ” using 8 three-dimensional spherical EVA and TPU panels” Does this mean that each panel is spherical? Not sure they are, and surely if something is spherical, it is, by defintion, 3-dimensional.

    Would also love to know what ” the ball provides perfect grip under all conditions” means. If the conditions are that it is raining olive-oil and three of my fingers are missing, will the ball stick to the palm of my mutilated hand perfectly?

    What a load of fake-science ball-ocks. I guess this is the description given by Adidas?

  10. Djazon

    I think the best ball is the 98 one, colors were very nice…

  11. Sipod

    not as good as the 2002 ball personally wont be buyin it Im Irish

  12. Rowan


  13. Kir87

    it’s better than the 2006 ball ”

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