In this week’s Worst Football Kits in History article, we bring you the Away goalkeeper kit of Huddersfield Town FC from the 1993/94 season. This kit was supplied by Super League after the club changed the shirt supplier from Gola. The shirt sponsor was cleaning accessories company Vileda. As you can see from the picture below, several colours are splattered randomly on the shirt and the sponsor logo is barely visible, not to mention complementary to the shirt’s aesthetics. The collar and sleeve hems were black.

huddersfield gk

During this season, Huddersfield Town FC were playing in the Football League Division Two, and ranked 11th in the table. They reached the Second Round in both the FA Cup and the Coca-Cola Cup (League Cup). The team was managed by Neil Warnock, who took charge of the club in 1993 and remained at the club until 1995. 1993/94 was the last season in which Huddersfield Town FC played at the Leeds Road Stadium, before moving to the Alfred McAlpine Stadium, which was later renamed to the current John Smith’s Stadium. The goalkeeper who had the misfortune of wearing this shirt was Steve Francis.

We would like to thank Mutants Nukes who suggested this shirt.

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17 thought on “Worst Football Kits in History: Huddersfield Town 1993/94 Away Goalkeeper Shirt”
  1. really wtf were they thinkin back then!?!?and @reddevilrooney tnx for the post mate but there is a small mistake in :”…Neil Warnock, who took charge of the club in 1993 and remained at the club until 2015″ it should be 1995 i guess!!

  2. Their was and is nothing wrong with that shirt, it was of the times, there was actual outfield shirts worse than that!

  3. I have studied football shirts for a number of years and have numerous references on Dave Moor’s Historic Football Kits and get a reference (Wolves)in his fantastic book, however this must be the worst kit I’ve ever known an English club to wear. And I thought the similar Matchwinner away shirts of Preston and Bristol Rovers were bad.

  4. Have to agree with D King; the Matchwinner kits of that season were shocking. Our Matchwinner away kit at Lincoln was in various shades of green and grey. Having said that we had a purple green and black shirt the following season made by Admiral.

  5. Bad but NOT the worst. There is an old NASL shirt from the Colorado Caribou that was tan and had actual suede fringe on it. By far the worst ever!! Google it.

  6. If that was just a shirt with no reference to a football club then you could just see Ian Brown wearing that at the time of the Stone Roses.

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