Worst Football Kits In The History Of The Premier League

Worst Football Kits In The History Of The Premier League

Worst Football Kits In The History Of The Premier League

A team’s football kit gives the first, and most striking impression of the team to its spectators. From Manchester United’s bold red hues, to Chelsea’s vibrant blue kit, it is evident that a team’s outfit is pretty much as important as how they’re performing on the field.

With the game’s growing popularity amongst both players and punters, teams have tried to experiment with new looks and styles to gather a bigger fan following. It’s pretty simple, a team that looks good, will also attract more betting attention, and fans. Especially due to the increase in betting on account of the growth of online betting platforms and easily available football betting tips. However, not all of these clothing experiments proved to be successful, and over the years some teams have adorned outfits that even Lady Gaga would consider too garish. Here we’ve compiled a list of the worst football kits in the history of the Premier League, giving you a glimpse into the quirky fashion sense of some football teams.

Norwich City (1992-94, Home)
One of the most infamous names when it comes to badly designed kits, Norwich City’s famous yellow-and-green shades have a special place in the hearts of its fans. This kit was worn by legends of the club such as Chris Sutton and Robert Fleck during the team’s glorious stint in the mid-90s where the managed to finish at the third position in the Premier League, and even beat Bayern Munich in the UEFA cup.

Nottingham forest (1995-97, Away)
Next up on our list is Nottingham Forest, who adopted an incredibly odd design for their away kit between 1995 and 1997. After being relegated in 1994, it was evident that the club was looking to leave a long lasting impression on its fans and spectators with its funky kit when it was able to become a part of the Premier League for a rather brief three-year stint.

Newcastle United (1995-96, Away)
While younger audiences may relate Newcastle United with its formidable black and white stripes, our older patrons may recall how the team managed to pull of one of its best ever Premier League performances while wearing a truly hideous combination of colours. The bizarre amalgamation of blue and maroon stripes combined with a beer-mat logo caused its fans considerable anguish, despite the team’s stellar performance to end up as runners up behind Manchester United.

Liverpool (2013-14, Third)
While it is understandable that the third kit is hardly ever employed by teams in the Premier League, and therefore it affords the designers a little more leeway to experiment with new creations, it would still be an understatement to say that in Liverpool’s case they went a little too far. The seizure-inducing designs from the club’s 2013-14 shirt essentially looks like three different kits rolled into one, making it a historically bad decision for Liverpool.

Aston Villa (1993-95, Away)
The final spot on our list goes to Aston Villa, and it’s safe to say that the team’s sponsors during the 1993-95 season would not have been too pleased with the club’s haphazard red, green and black combination of colours for its away kit. Indeed, it is understandable if the club would have lost many of its fans due to its dismal performance in the Premier League, combined with its terrible kit.

Posted on March 18, 2018

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