White is to France away what blue has been to home for Les Bleus in terms of football kits. 2008 was the only time France deviated from this tradition by choosing red as their primary away colour. Check out some of the recent France alternate kits here including the one for the Euro 2024.

France Away Kit

2024 France Away Shirt

France Away 2024 KitThe 2024 France away is one of the nation’s few alternate white kits to employ a pinstripe design. From right to left, the said pattern shows a gradient transition from blue to red. They match well with the white base to showcase the national influence of the shirt. Like the home, the kit displays the new oversized crest that surely captures the attention of viewers. Bold blue accents from the sleeve cuff trims and collar complete the makeup of the jersey.


2022/23 France Away Shirt

France Away 2022/23 KitFrench history runs deep onto the 2022 World Cup Nike away kit of France. Vivid drawings in a faded shade of blue abundantly depict several iconic moments and landmarks in France, including the Arc de Triomphe, scenes from the Revolution, and also the cow, a vital component in France’s agriculture. The graphics are made clearer as they lean against a white backdrop. France’s national flag colours gets an exposure through the panels exposed by the side slits of the hemline.


2020/21 France Away Shirt

France Away 2020/21 KitThe pristine white base colour of the Nike France 2020-21 away shirt ensures that the applications stand out. On the front, the Les Bleus logo is on the left while the swoosh is on the right, both in dark blue. The blue, white, and red strips running down the sides of the shirt resemble narrow, elongated French flags.