Fulham is an English football club that plays its home games at the Craven Cottage. Deriving their nickname from the home ground itself, the club and its fans are popularly known as the ‘Cottagers.’ Kit-wise, the players traditionally wear white shirts and black shorts.

Fulham 23/24 Kits

Fulham 23/24 Home Shirt

Fulham’s 2023/24 adidas home stayed faithful to the traditional colours of white with black accents. Specifically, the body had the predominant colour and displayed a subtle tonal vertical striping. The black raglan sleeves were adorned with the extended template striping, white for the left and red for the right, that ended with a trim along the henley collar. At the back of the said collar was a wording that read ‘London’s Original Football Club.’


Fulham 23/24 Away Shirt

Fulham took a bold step for their 2023/24 adidas change shirt, introducing a plain all-over shock pink that needed no graphics design to stand out. Contrasting against this bright colourway were the black accents from the round collar, extended shoulder stripes and logos. This included the monochrome crest.


Fulham Home Kits

2022/23 Fulham Home Shirt

Fulham Home 2022/23 KitFulham wore a white adidas home shirt for 2022/23. It had black accents for the template shoulder stripes and sponsor logos, with the cuffs and round collar also in black but with wavy red pinstripes dominating every space.



2021/22 Fulham Home Shirt

Fulham Home 2021/22 KitThe Cottagers played with an adidas home shirt for their 2021/22 campaign. It employed a relatively simple design featuring all-over vertical black pinstripes against a white base, with further black accents coming from the shoulder stripes and the Condivo 21 template collar.




2020/21 Fulham Home Shirt

Fulham Home 2020/21 KitFulham returned to the top echelon of English football with their Adidas 2020/21 home kit. The white shirt with black shoulders and sleeves had elements based on the Condivo 20 template. The collar and neckline were V-shaped, and the seam separating the shoulder and body was arched. Both the collar and sleeve cuffs were white, as well as the shoulder stripes. Under the collar on the backside was a unique round symbol displaying the complexity of the ironwork of the Craven Cottage balcony. The overall black and white look was reminiscent of the strip worn a decade earlier when the club had a historic Europa League run.



Fulham Away Kits

2022/23 Fulham Away Shirt

Fulham Away 2022/23 KitFor 2022/23, Fulham’s adidas away combined a ‘Pulse Mint’shade with navy to produce a grainy, gradient effect on the body, further revealing an assymetrical, rhombus-shaped visuals on the said part of the shirt. Pulse Mint had a cleaner application on the raglan sleeves, where only the elongated template shoulder stripes in navy appeared as a design element. Overall, it was a kit that was based on the adidas mi License 22 shirt.



2021/22 Fulham Away Shirt

Fulham Away 2021/22 KitFulham’s 2021/22 adidas away shirt was taken straight from the kit maker’s Condivo 21 shirt. Everything about the black-based jersey, from the collar to the white stripes up to the tonal camo-like graphic, were from the said template.




2020/21 Fulham Away Shirt

Fulham Away 2020/21 KitThe Fulham 2020/21 away kit returned to being predominantly yellow since the 2008-09 campaign.As adidas was the kit maker, the Regista 20 template in yellow and white informed the build of the said away kit. Sloping V-collar formed along the neckline and the patented stripes in white colour went along the shoulders. Furthermore, the shoulders, specifically on the backside, displayed a detailed and faded hexagonal graphic, with the shapes getting smaller and the background going white as the graphic approached the centre.



Men’s Fulham Shirt

Fulham initially wore kits that had half-light blue/half-navy design. They also had red with white at some point. By 1903, however, the club opted for an all white-kit. Since then, shirts had always been white and the shorts black, leading to the bespoke look it is today.

Being based in West London, Fulham form part of the West London Derbies with Chelsea, QPR and Brentford.

Some of the names that made their mark as a Fulham player are Johnny Haynes, Bobby Robson, Gordon Davies and Clint Dempsey.

Fulham (Known back then as Fulham St Andrew’s Church Sunday School F.C.) was founded in 1879. As such, the club is the oldest one in London and has gone through many ups and downs in their storied franchise.