The Greece national football team are known as the ‘Ethniki’ (The National), and ‘Galanolefki’ (The Sky Blues and Whites), primarily due to the national flag colours but also because of the usual colours used for their home kits.  The team usually hosts their home games in Agia Sophia Stadium, (commercially named OPAP Arena), which is also the home ground of AEK Athens FC and has a capacity of more than 30,000.

Greece 2023 Kits

Current kit supplier Nike signed a deal with the Greece national team in 2013. The national team used to have bespoke kits, putting them on the same level as heavyweight countries like France, Brazil and England. In 2022, the country was downgraded to Third Party-tier, resulting to having customised Nike Teamwear kits instead and their contract managed instead by retailer Football Pro, part of 11teamsports.

The plain white Greece Nike 2023 away shirt best reflected this significant change, with the shirt most being plain white if not for the blue crest and Swoosh. It was also based on the Park VII template, the simplest and cheapest of the Nike template wears. The home, on the other hand, had more of the blue accents, courtesy of the sleeve cuffs, round collar and the shirt’s graphic consisting of a variety of tiling and checkered pattern. This was the same graphic used in the 2022/23 away kits like that of the 1860 Munich, Birmingham city and RB Leipzig.

Greece Home Kits

2020 Greece Home Shirt

Greece Home 2020 KitLike the Slovenia kits, the Nike Greece kits shared same design of having one dominant base colour with a simple sash graphic on the front. The lower half of the sash then shred into stripes of the same colour as the base. In the case of the home kit, the base colour was white. The sash graphic started as dark blue on the upper left corner before transitioning to a lighter shade towards the rest. The association crest on the left chest was with official colours while the Swoosh on the right was black. There were no other design elements on the backside.


Greece Away Kits

2020 Greece Away Shirt

Greece Away 2020 KitFor the 2020 Nike away for Greece, the glossy base colour was blue and the sash graphic, seen as well on the home shirt, was navy. The association crest on the left chest was left with official colours while the Swoosh on the right was white. There were no design elements on the backside and standard opening.




Greece is generally not considered a contender. The country managed only a handful of appearance in both UEFA and FIFA championships. Despite their generally limited impact in the international stage, however, they were able to go all the way in Euro 2004 to win the title, defeating the likes of defending champions France and host Portugal to the surprise of many. They faced the latter in the opening and in the finals, the first time such event happened in a major European football tournament.

The achievement is widely considered as the greatest underdog story in European football history, and arguably has the same effect as Leicester City’s moment in the 2015/16 Premier League season. The nation then became one of the few in their region to win the UEFA Euro Championship. Their latest nickname, ‘Piratiko’ (The Pirate Ship), came from this achievement.