Inter Milan 23/24 Away Kit

Having worn a green away kit last season, Inter made the deviation brief as they went back to the traditional change colour of white for their 2023/24 Nike secondary kit. The main draw of the shirt was the sash design in black and blue that had a pixelated fade to give room for the sponsor space. Inspiring the said graphics design was the sashed classic kit of 1963/64, which also had the same black-and-blue colouring.



2022/23 Inter Milan Away Shirt

Inter Milan Away 2022/23 KitFor the 2022/23 season, Inter Milan wore a Nike away shirt that combined its white base with turquoise colouring to produce an all-over graphic. The said visual design referred to the map of the world, with Italy displayed right below the team crest. This put into picture Inter’s history as one of the first clubs to accept both Italian and foreign players without restrictions. Nike recoloured the blue shade of the team crest into turquoise to match the overall colour theme.



2021/22 Inter Milan Away Shirt

Inter Milan Away 2021/22 KitThe identity of Inter as the Biscione took prominence on the club’s 2021/22 away kit. Making this happen was the white base filled with snake body graphics curling up on the peripheries of the front side. The look was reminiscent of the 2010/11 away shirt, which featured the snake graphic on its left side. Complementing the snake graphic design were the blue round collar and sleeve cuffs, plus the black vertical stripes on the lateral seams.



2020/21 Inter Milan Away Shirt

Inter Milan Away 2020/21 KitThe away kit of Inter Milan for the 2020/21 was predominantly white which allowed maximum visibility of the designs incorporated on the shirt. What was immediately striking was the grid-like pattern forming the entire shirt, with only the central area for the Pirelli branding remaining free of any design. Another detail that got instant attention was the mixture of blue and black in the formation of the grid. The logos were also balanced in terms of their colour shading-the Swoosh was black and the Pirelli was blue. Even the collar represented both colours-the right side was black and the left was blue. Completing the design was the multicoloured crest and strips of blue and black on both sleeves.

Inter Milan Away Kits

The away shirt for the club has predominantly been either white or red. The white shirt has been a common option due to its difference to the clubs black and blue home colours.

Many away shirts have featured a black and blue sash or stripes across the chest. One away shirt featured a white shirt with a red cross in the middle portraying the city of Milans flag. The other common away shirt has been a red shirt with either black or blue sleeves.

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