We got the national teams of Italy covered in terms of their latest kits. There’s that pair worn by the Women’s team last year in Australia/New Zealand for their World Cup, as well as the defending champions’ outfits in Euro 2024. Check them out here:

Italy International Kits

Present Italy Kits

2024 Italy Home Shirt

Italy Home 2024 KitThe 2024 Italy home would have its most remarkable feature on the shoulders. On it are stripings of increasing width. They also carry out the colours for that direct national representation. Inspired by the 2006 Teamgeist World Cup template, the shirt has curving lateral stripes. The back is notable for its broad U-shaped seam at the low end, allowing the space at the lower and underarm sides to have a darker shade of the blue base. Across the entirety of the shirt is the pattern ‘i,’ reimagined to have a digital look and feel.


2024 Italy Away Shirt

Italy Away 2024 KitThe 2024 Italy away is mostly white kit. As such, it allows colour details to stand out. This is especially seen at the top of the shirt, where the right-side shoulder stripes are green and the left side ones are red. The rear half of the collar takes this opportunity to go for a blue with white stripe detailing. Taking a cue from the 2006 Teamgeist template, the shirt has lateral curved trims. They maintain colour harmony as they also have green and red applications based on which side they are positioned. Like the home, it has the ‘i’ pattern all over the kit.




Previous International Kits

2023 Italy Home Shirt

Italy Home 2023 KitThe Italy 2023 adidas home was the first kit the nation had with the German brand since the 1970s. A tonal marbling pattern decorated the entirety of the shirt, using the presence of marbles not just in significant landmarks but also in the households of Italy as the source of inspiration. White template shoulder stripes and light gold trims on the sleeve cuffs and the sides of the collar complete the look.


2023 Italy Away Shirt

Italy Away 2023 KitThe 2023 Italy away was the first secondary Italian strip produced by adidas. Predominantly white, the kit easily showed the navy marbling pattern that also graphically adorned the home kit. Unlike the home shirt, the sleeve cuffs, template shoulder stripes and collar trims here went with navy as well, giving the shirt a consistent accent theme.




2022 Italy Home Shirt

Italy Home 2022 KitThe Italy 2022 Puma Home was the country’s last shirt from the Wild Cat brand before adidas took over again as its kit maker. It recognised the nation’s four World Cup titles in 1934, 1938, 1982, and 2006 through a quarter design featuring two shades of blue. The edge of the round collar had a striping pattern of the Italian flag colours to complete the look.



2022 Italy Away Shirt

Italy Away 2022 KitLike other 2022 Puma national shirts, the Italy away shirt displayed a crest-like border to highlight the kit number on the front and placed the logo centrally right on the top of the template graphic design. The said visual differed from kit to kit, and in the case of this outfit, the border was stylised with the Italian flag colour striping. The same striping informed the sleeve cuffs of this predominantly white jersey. The other colour detail was the light blue round collar.



2021 Italy Away Shirt

Italy Away 2021 KitThe 2021 Puma Italy away shirt continued the tradition of having white as the primary colour. What was eye-catching was the never-before-seen logo placement that positioned the Cat and the team crest centrally on the chest, separated by a verticle line. Underneath the stakeholders’ symbols was the ITALIA branding. The raglan-sleeved shirt was minimalist in design, showing minor horizontal lines of green and red on the flanks of the ITALIA text, as well as single dark blue ones that went across the seams of the sleeves. The sleeve cuffs shared the same height and colour as that of the linear design elements on the shoulders. That same shade of blue coloured the ITALIA wordmark.


2020 Italy Home Shirt

Italy Home 2020 KitThe Puma Italy 2020 home kit offered an ornate design covering the front side as well as the entirety of the sleeves. In contrast to the horizontal zigzag formation in the away kit, the renaissance graphic on the home version was grouped into alternating layers of elongated and perfectly-shaped diamonds that went across the front of the body panel. The neckline departed from the round, circular shape of the away uniform, opting to be V-shaped and collared. Both the collar and cuffs were deep muted blue, with the cuffs having an Italian Flag underline similar to the underline of the Italia branding at the outer back of the collar.

2020 Italy Away Shirt

Italy Away 2020 KitThe Puma-made Italy 2020-21 away uniform showcased a light ornate graphical print in a white background, covering just the front side up to the sleeves as the shoulder area and backside remained purely white. A dark, muted hue of blue coloured the collar of the crew neck, though the collar simply stopped at the demarcation between the shoulder and the front side so as not to interfere with the renaissance graphical design. Turning the jersey over to the back and an Italia branding with Italian Flag colours underline was visible on the centre of the collar.



Gli Azzurri’ or Italy are one of best nations teams in the world in terms of World Cup titles where they have won four Cups with the latest being in 2006. Despite the Italian flag being green, red and white the nation wear blue to honour the House of Savoia, the ruling house of Italy from 1861 to 1946 who had blue as their colour. Italy shirts are manufactured by German brand Puma. Italy feature several household names in their current roster including Gianluigi Donnarumma, Jorginho, Lorenzo Insigne, and Andrea Belotti.

The Italian national team played their first game against France in Milan, Italy on the 15th May 1910 winning 6-2. Italy play their home games in several different stadiums around the country. Italy have worn blue shirts since 1911 but their first ever kit was white a year before.

Italy have hosted the FIFA World Cup on two occasions in 1934 where they also won the tournament and in 1990. They have won the World Cup on four occasions in 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006.



Italy Women’s Kits

2023 Women's Italy World Cup Home Kit

Italy’s team for the 2023 Women’s World Cup follows the set of kits launched earlier in the year for the men’s team, when the country’s football association formally switched to adidas as their technical partner. This means that the home kit is that same, marble-inspired shirt with a tonal graphic with white and gold accents on the peripheries.
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2023 Women's Italy Away World Cup Kit

While not emphasised during the launch, the adidas 2023 World Cup kit collection actually included the Italy away shirt launched early 2023.
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Italian World Cup Kits

Italy’s first international the side had worn blue shirts. Their first strip comprised of a sky blue shirt with white shorts and black socks. The team were nicknamed Gli Azzurri meaning ‘The Blues’ due to historic traditions dating back before Italy became a republic. The Regal Family Savoia ruled the Kingdom of Italy. Their flag was blue and the side honour that by wearing blue shirts even though the country’s flag is green, red and white. Puma’s ‘Crafted from Culture’ kits saw the Euro 2020 Italian home kit in traditional blue with renaissance design.

Italy have gone through a series of sky blue, royal blue and dark blue shirts. The side have had iconic players wearing their blue shirt including Fabio Cannavaro, Paolo Maldini, Dino Zoff, Franco Baresi, Gianni Rivera, Roberto Baggio, Alessandro Del Piero and Giacinto Facchetti. Arguably the most famous Italian home shirts are the kits worn in 1990 and 2006 successful world cup campaigns. Speaking of success, Italy is one of the best teams in the World Cup’s history, winning the tournament not just in 1982 and 2006 but also back-to-back earlier in 1934 and 1938.

Italy 1982

To this day they keep a blue and white colour scheme. Italy’s home kit remained consistent for several decades but in 1982 the shirt added white to their collar and sleeves. It stayed in place for the next decade before 1994 saw a return to all blue with the federation’s logo embossed all across the design in a stylish watermark. Italy’s most iconic shirt was the one used in 1982 which emblazoned Marco Tardelli’s famously exciting celebration. The shirt was all blue featuring thin white lines around the collar and sleeves making it one of the most remembered Italian shirts of all time.

Another kit icon was the shirt glorified by Roberto Baggio and Franco Baresi at the 1990 World Cup. The shirt was remembered for being simplistic compared to other shirts of that tournament. Their triumphant World Cup in 1970 saw Italy wear a simple blue shirt with the crest stamped on the front, a simple yet easily recognisable shirt. Cannavaro and co. had their cup-winning 2006 Puma home graphically designed with a tonal abstract curving prominent on the sleeves and the sides of the chest, with their predominantly white away counterpart featuring the Azzurri shade on the sleeve piping and v-neckline panel.


Italy Kits at European Championships

Italy Euro 2020 KitsEuro 2020 – Euro 2020 became another memorable moment in Italian football when the nation secured the title vs England via a tense penalty shootout. Regarding their blue home and white away kits, the central design theme was the Renaissance-inspired pattern shaped into a diamond formation on the primary strip and into chevron ones on the secondary kit.


Italy Euro 2016 KitEuro 2016 – For the Euro 2016, the Azzurri wore their Puma home shirt with tonal vertical pinstripes and gold trims along the sleeves. The white away also had the said tonal jacquard print but added a tricolour Italian flag striping flowing right down the centre. Bold blue trims and collar sat at the top of the shirt. Italy reached the quarterfinals, where they were defeated by Germany 6-5 via penalties.


Italy Euro 2012 KitEuro 2012 – As seen within the previous edition of the European Championship, Italy were again undone by the Spaniards of whom breezed through the competition and made light work of the Italian’s in the Final winning 4-0. Italy progressed through the tournament wearing a beautifully styled home shirt, designed by Puma, which displayed a chevron graphic running down the front panel in a glossy tone whilst a unique yet stylish modern flag inspired collar completed the aesthetic composition. The predominantly white away shirt opted for a more classical design through a single wide hoop in royal blue which adorned the chest panel enclosing the iconic Italy crest and Puma branding.


Italy Euro 2008 KitEuro 2008 – With many players reaching their peak of performance within Euro ’08 including Andrea Pirlo, Alessandro Del Piero, Gianlugi Buffon, and Gennaro Gattuso, Italy scraped through the Group Stage to reach the Quarter-Final held in Vienna to face the passing master-class of Spain. Wearing a regal royal blue and gold accented home shirt, Italy were narrowly defeated by the Spaniards on penalties 2-4 through a Cesc Fabregas winning strike. Changing the template for the away shirt saw a nostalgic white display with modernistic gold trim for the flag inspired polo-neck collar.


Italy Euro 2004 KitEuro 2004 – Euro ’04 saw another change of kit manufacturer for Italy in the shape of German brand Puma of whom took to task of designing the Azzurri shirt with elegance and flair through a royal blue make-up with a unique crew-neck collar featuring white trim to match the sleeve cuff details. Puma issued the Italian’s arguably the most graceful shirt within the competition through Italy’s away look of pure white which held a subtle shimmer and again used the modernistic crew-neck collar design.


Italy Euro 2000 KitEuro 2000 – A display of renowned Italian defending master-classes saw Italy progress to the Final of Euro 2000 through the likes of Paolo Maldini, Fabio Cannavaro, Alessandro Nesta, and Ciro Ferrara acting as a metaphorical brick-wall. Euro ’00 saw the new kit deal with home brand Kappa spring into play by showcasing an innovative home shirt which hugged around the player’s physique to offer a skin-tight fit and lightweight feel in trademark royal blue composition. Acting as an alternate option for the competition saw a white-out version of the home shirt given to the Italian players which featured squad numbers on the back panel as well as on the mid-chest.


Italy Euro 1996 KitEuro 1996 – Euro ’96, held in the football fanatic nation of England, saw the emergence of future Italalian legends of the game Alessandro Del Piero and Alessandro Nesta within European football. The latest Italian kit was manufactured by mega brand Nike of whom handed the ‘Azzurri’ a stunning royal blue home shirt which possessed a subtle shimmer. In unprecedented fashion glamorous gold and white trim was incorporated into design through polo-neck collar trim and sleeve cuffs. The away shirt, however, dropped the golden touches but opted for a subtle graphic in grey applied to the front panel of a traditionally styled white base.


Italy Euro 1988 KitEuro 1988 – Possessing a wonderfully gifted squad including Paolo Maldini, Franco Baresi, Roberto Donadoni, and Gianluca Vialli, Italy arrived at Euro ’88 with high quality of which was matched by their wonderfully designed home shirt by Diadora consisting of a royal blue entirety incorporating the Italian flag through the polo-neck collar and sleeve cuff trim. Using the same template as the home shirt saw Italy’s away shirt created with a classic white base with flashes of red and blue to show patriotism.


Italy Euro 1980 KitEuro 1980 – Failing to qualify for previous European tournaments, Italy again hosted the competition in 1980 which saw the team progress into the latter stages however falling short against Czechoslovakia in a dramatic 8-9 penalty defeat. Italy showcased similar strips to their last appearance of a predominantly blue home shirt and a complementing away shirt of white with royal blue trim.


Italy Euro 1968 KitEuro 1968 – Acting as the host nation for their inaugural appearance within the European Championship’s, Italy were strong favourites to lift the trophy on home turf partly due to the goalkeeping wonders of Italian legend Dino Zoff. Wearing a classic full blue home shirt, Italy lived up to expectations by lifting the trophy to adorning fans whilst a white away shirt was used when required which showcased blue trim to the crew-neck collar and sleeve cuffs.