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Kuwait Shirts

Kuwait are a national football team from Asia who played their first full international in 1961 against Libya which ended in a 2-2 draw. The team have been on the end of several beatings in their history including two 8-0 defeats against Portugal, in 2003, and United Arab Republic, in 1961. However, their biggest victory was against Bhutan in 2000 when they won by an outstanding 20-0 scoreline. They are currently ranked in a lowly 101st which is much poorer than when they were ranked 24th in 1998.

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The team have an underwhelming history with very few achievements to speak of. They did manage to qualify for the 1982 World Cup though through only their 3rd ever qualification process. At the tournament, Kuwait performed admirably and earned a 1-1 draw against Czechoslovakia whilst only losing narrowly 1-0 to England. Nevertheless, they were eliminated in the group stage and have failed to qualify for any other World Cup since.

The 2011 Asian Cup has just begun and here is the home shirt that Kuwait are using in the tournament. The new shirt is manufactured by Burrda and is primarily blue featuring white detail [...]

The national football team of Kuwait is currently ranked 103rd in the FIFA rankings updated on the 20th October 2010 [...]

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The Asian Cup brought the team more success in their early years with victory in 1980. Their best results apart from that are as runners up in 1976 and 3rd place in 1984. However, the team's greatest success has come in the Gulf Cup with Kuwait notching nine victories to this date. The last of these arrived in 1998 although they did manage to make the semi finals in 2009. Their progress has been stalled somewhat in recent years due to numerous suspensions put in place by FIFA. In 2007, Kuwait was banned from competition due to government interference.

Even so, this only lasted for two weeks before it was uplifted. Nevertheless, in 2008, the country was again suspended for failing to hold their General Assembly elections by mid October. Fortunately, the ban was removed just two months later in December. Unfortunately, this had a detrimental effect on the team's efforts to qualify for the 2010 World Cup as they finished bottom of a four team group including Iran, UAE and Syria.

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