RB Leipzig, as the name of the team, suggests, is a German football side that is based in Leipzig Saxony. They play their homes games in the Red Bull Arena, formerly known as the Zentralstadion. The club forms part of the Austrian energy drink company’s network of football clubs that include the likes of FC Red Bull Salzburg and New York Red Bulls. Their nickname ‘Die Rotten Bullen’ (the Red Bulls) is straight-up influenced by their corporate ownership.  Leipzig players usually have their home kits in white, with the well-known Red Bull corporate livery boldly presented on the sponsor space on the front.

RB Leipzig 23/24 Kits

RB Leipzig is one of the Nike-supplied teams in terms of kits. Recent seasons had seen the club downgraded from its Elite status to a tier-lower, meaning that it lost having bespoke designs on their kits. The kits for the 2023/24 season were the last set Leipzig had from Nike, which was then replaced by Puma.

23/24 RB Leipzig Home Shirt

In contrast to the secondary kit, the 2023/24 Nike home shirt of RB Leipzig limited the bespoke Red Bull arrow pattern, appearing in this kit as red pressed on a white base, to the sleeves. This left the body with a clean, solid fill application of white, decorated only by the stakeholder logos.’ The overall design was arguably an expanded version of the 2018/19 home, which also confined the visual element to the sleeves, albeit on a more toned-down scale. As always, the ever-positive ‘YOU CAN DO ANYTHING’ motto reads at the back below the neckline, white on red this time around.

23/24 RB Leipzig Away Shirt

Nike adorned the 2023/24 secondary RB Leipzig Nike kit with asymmetrical, low-angled zigzag visuals that not only had a variety of direction and orientation, but also abstract applications in red and navy for that dynamic effect. The central design was actually a representation of the rising RBL arrow pattern, which had been used to visualise the rapid rise of the club from the lower divisions towards the German top-flight. The confidence and pride of Leipzig was captured by the ‘YOU CAN DO ANYTHING’ motto planted on the navy panel on the back right under the neckline.

RB Leipzig Home Kits

2022/23 RB Leipzig Home Shirt

RB Leipzig Home 2022/23 KitRB Leipzig’s 2022/23 Nike home retained the traditional white base and adorned it with a progressive visual design of a futuristic ‘Red Bull’ silhouette. The all-over design covered the jersey in a near melange of red and grey, taking in random spots for an abstract look. Red trapezium, each on the front and back of the neckline, rounded up the look.



2021/22 RB Leipzig Home Shirt

Red Bull Leipzig Home 2021/22 KitFor 2021/22, RB Leipzig dons a Nike-produced home shirt with a white base and red applications. An abstract, all-over pattern, appearing as uneven smudges, provides the central design element. Zap side panels flank the main body, a template of Nike shirts at that time. A simple crew neck collar and standard sleeve cuffs complete the look of the home jersey.



2020/21 RB Leipzig Home Shirt

RB Leipzig Home 2020/21 KitRB Leipzig used their traditional colours of white and red on their Nike 2020-21 home kit.

The home shirt had a white base highlighting the red accents on the crisscrossed v-collar, the Swoosh on the right chest, and the Bulls on the team crest and corporate livery on the left chest and front centre respectively. The dark blue that filled out the shield and football on the team crest was present, as well as the yellow circle on the Red Bull logo.

Prominent on the shirt was the zap side panel that was also present in other Nike shirts. For this outfit, the zaps were solid red accompanied by dynamic lines of red and orange-yellow, giving off a speedy and powerful aesthetic on the pitch. Red shorts and socks with yellow-red horizontal split completed the home strip.

RB Leipzig Away Kits

2022/23 RB Leipzig Away Shirt

RB Leipzig Away 2022/23 KitRB Leipzig combined two shades of red for its 2022/23 Nike away shirt. The lighter red served as the base, and the darker one provided the mirage graphic of a cross plus the colour of the sleeve cuffs and round collar. The Swoosh appeared in white, while the Red Bull logo and the Leipzig crest displayed their original colours. This was the first time red was used for the alternate jersey after being employed usually for the third and fourth kits.

2021/22 RB Leipzig Away Shirt

RB Leipzig Away 2021/22 KitLeipzig 2021/22 away kit employed the same hazy graphic found on their home kit but applied it differently as touches of blue, orange, and red comprised the said pattern on a dark blue base. It was one of the most colourful shirts, with the said artistic design interrupted only by the clean background on the backside for the jersey number. The solid-striped side panels contained shiny RBLZ letter marks.



2020/21 RB Leipzig Away Shirt

RB Leipzig Away 2020/21 KitRB Leipzig’s 2020-21 away kit remained minimalistic as it used a ‘concord’ blue base and ‘opti’ yellow for the front logos. The Swoosh on the right chest and the monochrome team crest on the left had a brighter, stronger shade as opposed to the paler one for the Red Bull logo on the front centre. Produced by Nike, the shirt displayed lightning bolt trims on the sides as well as a unique round neckline and sloping collar underlined by a v-shaped seam. The lateral zaps and collar were both in orange. Blue shorts and socks with an orange-yellow horizontal split formed part of the complete outfit.

RB Leipzig Third Kits

2022/23 RB Leipzig Third Shirt

RB Leipzig Third 2022/23 KitA predominantly black Nike third formed part of RB Leipzig’s kits for the 2022/23 season. Its main graphic design was the broad blocked stripes with red-to-black gradients and lines of varying sizes. Below the round collar at the back appeared the club motto ‘YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.’



2021/22 RB Leipzig Third Shirt

Red Bull Leipzig Third 2021/22 KitRB Leipzig introduced its Nike third kit for the 2021/22 season. Using cyan, pink, and navy, the majority of the shirt showcased an abstract and garish all-over pattern. The solid navy fill on the round collar and sleeve cuffs provided a contrasting effect, while that on the number space at the back deliver legible player details.



2020/21 RB Leipzig Third Shirt

RB Leipzig Third 2020/21 KitThe RB Leipzig Nike 2020-21 third kit was a standout kit in terms of design. Taking inspiration from a popular Air Max 98 colourway, the shirt showcased a swirling abstract graphic featuring colours of ‘midnight navy’, light blue, and white. The shirt had a simple navy round collar and narrow sleeve cuffs, both of which had a thin horizontal orange stripe (though the one on the collar was just on the front side). ‘Kumquat’ orange also informed the shade of the sponsor logos and monochrome team crest on the front. Another orange application was the vertical strip at the back connecting the collar to the shoulder seam.


After shopping around for a football club to invest at (and getting  deals stopped for various regulatory and football tradition reasons), Red Bull was able to finally settle at Leipzig, deciding to build a football club from scratch. RB Leipzig was formed in 2009 and started playing in one of the country’s fifth division leagues. This was made possible by the acquisition of the playing license of SSV Markranstädt for the NOFV-Oberliga Süd. The team played in SSV Markranstädt’s Stadion am Bad for their home games, before transferring to their current home in Red Bull Arena after their promotion to the Regionalliga (fourth division).

It took the club three seasons (with future RB Sporting Director Ralf Rangnick at the helm on the last one) in the Regionalliga Nordost to finally to get promoted to 3. Liga. Before playing in the third division, Leipzig made some signings consistent with their policy of recruiting young prospects. This batch included Joshua Kimmich, who later on became an established player at Bayern Munich.

RB Leipzig spent just one (and so far their only) season at 3. Liga, dominating the division and securing a promotion to 2. Bundesliga. Just like in the fourth division, they had to spend a couple of seasons before finally reaching their goal of getting promoted to the Bundesliga within a decade. Considering they started in 2009 and reach the milestone in 2016, it only took seven football seasons for Leipzig to achieve their ultimate target in German football.