Manchester United 23/24 Away Kit

Drawing inspiration from early away kits, Manchester United’s 2023/24 away shirt offered a vertical striped look. The said pattern in white with red pinstripes represented the distinct bricks and architecture of Manchester, while the ‘Night Green’ base symbolised the overall urban landscape. Harmonising the with the colour theme were the white details that included the extended template shoulder stripes and the stylised collar.


2022/23 Manchester United Away Shirt

Manchester United Away 2022/23 KitManchester United and adidas brought back a classic colour combination for the club’s 2022/23 away shirt. The primary colour white got accents from the three red-black-red shoulder stripes and the black v collar and sleeve cuffs. Additionally, the collar and the sleeve cuffs held repeating patterns of alternating red and white narrow diamonds. This followed the trend of the season’s major adidas shirts having flashy retro designs on their collar. A jaquard graphic applied helix visuals all-over the shirt in a subtle tonal manner.


2021/22 Manchester United Away Shirt

Manchester United Away 2021/22 KitThe 2021/22 Red Devils squad showed off an alternate away kit that popped more like a light blue shirt rather than its white base colour courtesy of its buzzing zigzag graphic. The print was composed of long solid diagonal lines and smaller lighter ones that formed small triangles between the spaces. Overall, the visuals were inspired by the iconic snowflake design in the ’92 shirt. The jersey was part of the first set of kits under the new sponsor TeamViewer. Other than the dazzling all-over graphic, the shirt featured a simple white round collar and sleeve cuffs. Like other adidas kits, it also had horizontal shoulder stripes that came in red for the shirt.


2020/21 Manchester United Away Shirt

Manchester United Away 2020/21 KitThe away kit of the Red Devils for the 2020-2021 season mirrored its home counterpart in using a base colour filled with a subtle print. In the case of the away kit, the shirt was predominantly ‘legacy green’ and the subtle print that appeared all over it resembled the waves of some of the water spots near Manchester like the Gaddings Dam. Some of the wave patterns were randomly darker in shade. Within the print itself, spaces of micro dots or checkered-like aesthetics were exposed.

Other than the print and the Chevrolet logo that appears in its full colours, all other parts of the shirt utilized plain colour applications. The crew-neck collar and the sleeve cuffs seamlessly blended with the rest of the shirt as they were also in ‘legacy green.’ The rest of the elements (the three stripes on each shoulder, adidas logo and team crest on the right and left chest respectively, ‘KOHLER’ branding on the left sleeve, and ‘CHEVROLET’ wording on the front centre) were all in white.

Manchester United Away Kits

The team’s early away shirts were a series of experimental designs as the green and gold were featured as well as blue and white and a classic red style. Since the late 1930’s the club have predominantly had white, blue and black away shirts with the odd splash of yellow and gold shirts.

Notable away shirts include the Red/White 1909 FA Cup Final shirt which made it their first ever FA Cup title. Other kits include the blue away shirt worn in the 1948 FA Cup Final and arguably the most famous away shirt the 1968 blue shirt which was worn in the 1968 European Cup Final victory making it their clubs first ever European title. Another key away shirt was the White/Black 1978 centenary shirt marking the clubs 100th year in existence. The club won the 2016 FA Cup Final wearing their white away shirt with red accents, while the 2017 Europa League title was secured with their blue away kit.

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