The New Zealand national team are nicknamed the ‘All Whites’ and the are the most dominant side in the OFC confederation where they reached the 2010 FIFA World Cup beating AFC side Bahrain to reach the finals. The side played through the World Cup having not lost a match drawing to Slovakia, Italy and Paraguay making the team the only unbeaten team at the tournament. The side’s most famous player is Wynton Rufer who played at several European clubs in the 80’s and 90’s including FC Zurich, Werder Bremen, Kaiserslautern, FC Aarau and Norwich City.

New Zealand Home & Away Kits

2022 New Zealand Home Shirt

New Zealand Home 2022 KitThe New Zealand 2022 Home from Nike had one of the plainest look among international teams. Mostly white, the kit had black detailing only through the sleeve cuffs, round collar and logos, with the team’s Fern symbol applied as an outline.



2022 New Zealand Away Shirt

New Zealand Away 2022 KitAlso plain but contrasting directly to the home, New Zealand’s 2022 Nike away was almost all-black. The only things that stood its way were the white logos, which both had solid fills.





New Zealand wear an all white home strip (hence the nickname) and an all black away kit. They have won the Oceania Nations Cup on three occasions, in 1973, 1998 and 2002.

New Zealand are nicknamed the All Whites play in the Oceania group of World Cup qualifying. They have made it to the World Cup Finals in 1982, for the finals in Spain. They finished bottom of their group failing to pick up a point against Brazil, USSR and Scotland, only scoring twice.

New Zealand won their first international match, against Australia, in Dunedin 3-1. The player who has pulled on the national shirt the most times is Steve Sumner with 105 caps. Top international scorer is Jock Newall with 28 goals.



2020 New Zealand Home Shirt

New Zealand Home 2020 KitThe All-Whites stuck to their football nickname and had an almost whiteout kit for their 2020 Nike home. Deviating though from the main colour theme was the black zigzag pattern along the sides of the shirt. The said visuals were meant to carry inspiration from Maori-spear pattern.



2020 New Zealand Away Shirt

New Zealand Away 2020 KitThe 2020 New Zealand Nike away kit was predominantly black and featured bold alternating wavelengths of solid black and silver fern-patterned grey as its main highlight. The said design hugged every inch of space most especially the backside and flowed across the kit. Concerning crests and symbols, the white national team logo and the white Nike swoosh were clearly represented in the left and right chest respectively.




New Zealand Women’s Kits



2023 Women's New Zealand World Cup Home Kit

For the 2023 World Cup, New Zealand’s women’s team switched the primary colour and had black for its home. The Nike-produced kit displayed an abstract, all-over Fern print finished off with a grey spraypaint-like application. With their silver tone, the logos harmonised well with the overall colour theme.
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2023 Women's New Zealand Away World Cup Kit

Having a go at reinterpreting tradition, the Football Ferns took the usual home colour and applied it to their 2023 Nike away kit. Predominantly white, the shirt allowed other details to pop out, mostly the greenish blue collar and side trims as well as the black sleeve cuffs with fern patterns in the said shade of blue.
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