The Philippines play in blue and white shirts and are sponsored by Jerseybird. The previous sponsors were adidas, Mizuno and Puma. The traditional home kit is very similar to the France national team, blue jerseys, white shorts and red socks.

The Philippines 2023 Kits

2023 The Philippines Home Shirt

Philippines Home 2023 KitThe Philippines 2023 home shirt was a concept kit from Jerseybird that was adopted entirely by the Philippine Football Federation. It had a white base designed generously with feathers-red and blue on the sides and sleeves, and grey ones on the middle. The feather was inspired by the mythological creatures like the Sarimanok and Ibong Adarna, while the multicolour vibe got its cue from the Sinulog Festival. Yellow suns from the national flag flowed across the collar and sleeve cuffs.



2023 The Philippines Away Shirt

Philippines Away 2023 KitPredominantly yellow, the Philippines Jeryseybird 2023 away had faded red graphics that symbolised the tattoos of historical figure Jeoly, also known as Prince Giolo, the Painted Prince. He was a Spanish colonial-era Filipino that was kidnapped and put into display in European inn l’like a zoo animal,’ brought about by the curiosity regarding his looks and tattoo-laden skin. It was said that after he died, his skin was ‘hung like a piece of inked paper’ for public viewing.



Previous The Philippines Kits


2021 The Philippines Home Shirt

Philippines Home 2021 KitThe 2021 Philippine home was the first shirt of the nation from kit supplier Kelme. It was white with broad diagonal stripes in grey on the front. The design elements broke up abstractly in a spraypaint-like fashion. Random blue lines accompanied the feature graphic, subtly adding a dynamic effect. Other blue details were the border lining of the sleeves’ mesh panel on the inner side and the endpoint of the v collar.


2021 The Philippines Away Shirt

Philippines Away 2021 KitThe 2021 Philippine away was the first alternate shirt of the nation from kit supplier Kelme. It was primarily blue and had the same feature graphic as the home but arguably had more activity due to the different tones on the base and the diagonal striped graphic. The accompanying random lines were red, while the border lining of the sleeves’ mesh panel was navy-like. The endpoint of the v collar was white.



The Philippines Women’s Kits

2023 Women’s World Cup Home

The Philippines Women's Home 2023 World Cup KitThe 2023 Philippine home was a predominantly blue adidas shirt that had red vertical pinstripes. Additional red details included the sleeve cuff piping, template shoulder stripes and the piping on the white round collar. The kit was dubbed ‘Sipag at Tiyaga,’ which meant ‘hardwork and perseverance.’




2023 Women’s World Cup Away

The Philippines Women's Away 2023 World Cup KitWith regard to their change shirt, the Philippines wore a predominantly white adidas outfit for the 2023 World Cup. The main draw was the vertical striping with a diagonally-ribbed textured look and abstract boldness. In solid blue fill were the sleeve cuffs and template shoulder stripes. Yellow accents mainly came from the sleeve cuff and collar piping.




The Philippines are a football side which plays in the AFC and AFF Cup. Despite being one of the oldest nations in the AFC they have never qualified for the Asian Cup or the World Cup. They did see some success in the Far Eastern Games in 1913 and 1934.

The Philippines play their home games in the Rizal Memorial Stadium which holds 12,873 people. Their highest ever ranking was 143 in November 2012. Their lowest ever ranking was 195 in 2006.They compete in the AFF Cup between other South-East Asia nations.

Under the official FIFA Trigramme the team’s name is abbreviated as PHI; this acronym is used by FIFA, the AFC and the AFF to identify the team in official competitions.