Philippines Shirts

Philippines Shirts

Philippines Shirts

Philippines play in blue and white shirts and are sponsored by Puma. The previous sponsors were adidas and Mizuno. The traditional home kit is very similar to the France national team, blue jerseys, white shorts and red socks.

Philippines are a football side which plays in the AFC and AFF Cup. Despite being one of the oldest nations in the AFC they have never qualified for the Asian Cup or the World Cup. They did see some success in the Far Eastern Games in 1913 and 1934.

The AFF Cup is a competition contested every two years by national teams from Southeast Asia [...]

The ASEAN Football Championship is played every two years and is contested by national teams of countries in Southeast Asia [...]

Philippines play their home games in the Rizal Memorial Stadium which holds 12,873 people. Their highest ever ranking was 143 in November 2012. Their lowest ever ranking was 195 in 2006.They compete in the AFF Cup between other South-East Asia nations.

Under the official FIFA Trigramme the team's name is abbreviated as PHI; this acronym is used by FIFA, the AFC and the AFF to identify the team in official competitions.

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