Porto’s home shirt is one of the most recognisable shirts not only in Portugal but Europe as it features blue and white stripes which are usually completed with blue shorts and socks. The FC Porto shirts are supplied by Warrior who signed a new kit deal with the club commencing at teh start of the 2014-15 season. The most famous Porto shirt is the Nike home shirt they wore in the 2004 UEFA Champions League where they beat AS Monaco in the final.

Porto 23/24 Kits

Porto 2023/24 Home Kit

2023/24 was not the season Porto would deviate from their traditional home kit look. Kit maker New Balance maintained the blue and white striped visuals for the shirt. But compared to recent Porto home strip releases, this edition featured the vertical stripes in a relatively wider profile. The round collar was navy, while the sleeve cuffs provided a stylish asymmetry in that the left side was blue and the right one was white. Furthermore, the latter also had the New Balance flag patch in blue as an added design.


Porto 2023/24 Away Kit

Marzipan became the central colour of the secondary Porto shirt in 2023/24. New Balance used the opportunity of having a light base to accent the logos, as well as the asymmetric detailing on the collar and right sleeve, in navy. Apart from the beigey aura, another thing that stood out from the shirt was the geometric shapes intertwined on the chest area, forming an arrow range around the chest. The vertical arrow pattern and the marzipan base provided a renewed and refreshed look for Porto’s secondary outfit.


Porto 2023/24 Third Kit

Porto’s New Balance third shirt for 2023/24 was predominantly sapphire blue with asymmetric gold accents like the right hand-side half of the collar and the NB sleeve band, also on the right hand-side. Concentric circles emanated from the crest and provided the main visual attraction other than the base colour. The ripple effect of the said visuals, in conjunction with the dominant colour and the accent detailing, indicated the influence of the Douro river on the overall design of the kit.


Porto Home Kits

2022/23 Porto Home Shirt

Porto Home 2022/23 KitPorto’s 2022/23 New Balance home shirt had the usual blue-and-white striped pattern on the front side. The jersey then mixed things up by going for plain sleeves in blue with a standard cut and narrow blue v-collar with a curving neckline. Broad cuffs in a darker shade of blue coupled with white outer trims added further colour details.



2021/22 Porto Home Shirt

Porto Home 2021/22 KitThe Dragons of Primeira Liga woretheir usual white and blue striped look on their 2021/22 New Balance home kit. The bespoke pattern covered the front side, leaving the sleeves clear of any colour accent except for the sleeve cuffs and round collar. The sponsor logos stood out as they use a lighter shade of blue from that of the stripes, which carried a subtle design on its space.



2020/21 Porto Home Shirt

Porto Home 2020/21 KitPrimeira Liga giant Porto’s 2020/21 New Balance home kit had the blue and white stripes forming the base, clearly representing the club’s identity as ‘Azuis e brancos’ and carrying much of the shirt’s look. The traditional pattern extended across the entire length of the outfit and spilled over to the sleeves. The sponsor and technical partner logos, plus the sleeve cuff tags, popped out with their yellow detailing.





Porto Away Kits

2022/23 Porto Away Shirt

Porto Away 2022/23 KitPorto’s New Balance alternate shirt of 2022/23 was light yellow for the most part, including the sleeves and the navy-piped henley collar. The most memorable detail was the graphical rays on a dark yellow shade originating from the upper right-hand side and the opposite corner, both angled toward each other. Off-white broad sleeve cuffs completed the colour theme of the outfit. The jersey was inspired by the club’s recent successes in 2011, 2018, and 2020, having been crowned league champions and lifting the Taca de Portugal and Supertaca Candido de Oliveira trophies, all while wearing yellow kits.


2021/22 Porto Away Shirt

Porto Away 2021/22 KitFC Porto wore a striking blue New Balance away shirt for 2021/22. The centre of attention was the sandpaper-like visuals with pockets of deep colouring forming a faint stripe pattern, all occupying the entire space on the front side. The activity contrasted with the solid navy fill of the raglan sleeves. Gold served as a minor colour accent and sources from the logos and NB cuff tags.



2020/21 Porto Away Shirt

Porto Away 2020/21 KitThe FC Porto 2020/21 New Balance away shirt was predominantly navy blue with white applications for the logos.  The New Balance symbols that appeared near the opening of the sleeve in the home shirt were also present in the away kit and were orange in colour.





Porto Third Kits

2022/23 Porto Third Shirt

Porto Third 2022/23 KitAs rare as it was due to a possible clash with the primary shirt, Porto’s third was predominantly blue for 2022/23. The jersey even used white for the accents on the collar and shoulder trims. New Balance was the kit maker of this broad-cuffed outfit. The relatively simple blue design was inspired by Porto’s kit for its first European final in 1984.



2021/22 Porto Third Shirt

Porto Third 2021/22 KitPorto wore a relatively simplistic third kit compared to their home and away shirts for the 2021/22 season. The main draw of the Porto third shirt was its pale pink base adorned with black details coming from the sponsor logos, sleeve cuffs, and front v-seam of the neckline. The jersey followed the pink and black precedent of the 2014/2015 third kit.



2020/21 Porto Third Shirt

Porto Third 2020/21 KitPorto completed its set of uniforms for the 2020/21 season by releasing their third kit, which was a bespoke interpretation of a classic Porto shirt. The use of white as the base colour gave prominence to the royal blue logos and the nimbus-toned abstract graphic on the front. It featured inclined gradient rectangles that resembled a picture of a trailblaze. Royal blue geometric patches with trailed sides appeared on the edges of the sleeve.




FC Porto were founded in 1893 and won the first two ever Portuguese championships, the team and the fans are often known at the Dragons but have also been nicknamed the Tripeiros! Porto are an important team in European football and are founding members of the G-14.

They play at the 52,000 capacity Estadio do Dragao, which was constructed as part of Portugal’s hosting of the 2004 European Championships.

Porto have won the European Cup on two occasions and the UEFA Cup once. In 1999 Porto sealed their dominance of recent years by winning the Penta, five Portugese league championships in a row. Porto have also won the European Super Cup and the Intercontinental Cup.