PSG 23/24 Away Kit

Despite the PSG 2023/24 Nike away being a mostly white shirt, it was actually inspired by what happens when the sun sets in La Ville Lumiere. This was best reflected by the chest band that had a gradient finish from red to navy, representing how the night lights of the city fade into the night sky. Complementing the graphic were the navy sleeve cuffs. A small strip of the French flag signed off at the back below the collar neckline.



2022/23 PSG Away Shirt

PSG Away 2022/23 KitThe PSG Jordan Away shirt of 2022/23 was predominantly grey with a central black stripe running the entire length from the neckline down to the hemline. It loosely reversed the colour scheme of the 2018 third shirt, and opted for a gradient fade towards the centre for the sponsor space. The single button finish on the neckline created a formal dimension to the collar with angular lateral raise. Prominent sleeve cuffs of the same black shade completed the overall design.


2021/22 PSG Away Shirt

PSG Away 2021/22 KitUnlike the Jordan-labelled home, the away shirt of PSG for 2021/22 had a direct connection to Nike, as seen in the presence of the Swoosh logo. The white-based outfit had an asymmetrical graphic, inspired by the classic Hechter design, composed of a single black vertical stripe and flanking pink bands. The sponsor space interrupted the said print, with the top portion having the pink parallel on the left and the bottom side on the right. The cuffs continued the asymmetry as the left was black and the right was pink. The round collar, opting for white, blended well with the shirt.


2020/21 PSG Away Shirt

PSG Away 2020/21 KitFollowing the lead of the home kit, PSG’s 2020/21 away kit also offered the return of a historical design. Much like the home version, the away shirt featured the Hechter design. In this case, a white base served as the platform for the iconic vertical broad stripe, which ran down the middle and came in red. It was outlined on both of its sides by a narrow ‘old royal’ blue stripes. The said shade of blue was the same colour that was applied to the collar, cuffs and logos, except for PSG’s crest that kept its original colours.


PSG Away Kits

Paris Saint-Germain’s away shirts have predominantly been white with red trim. Inclusions of red away shirts followed in 2005, 2011 and 2013. The most common Paris Saint-Germain away shirts features a thick red stripe on top of a white base.

Paris Saint-Germain wore a red away shirt during their successful 2012-13 Ligue 1 campaign. Other variations of the white and red away shirt include a thick red hoop on a white base which is usually complemented with dark blue trim.

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