The history of football shirts worn in the Italian football league, known as Serie A, is rich and storied. From iconic designs to memorable sponsors, the kits worn by Serie A teams have become an integral part of the league’s history and culture.

Serie A Teams

The league is made up of twenty teams, at the end of the season the top two qualify directly for the Champions League, 3rd & 4th enter the Champions League Qualifiers, whilst 5th & 6th go into the UEFA Cup. The bottom three teams are relegated and replaced by three teams from Serie B.

Over the years, Serie A clubs have worn a wide array of iconic shirts that have become legendary in the world of football. AC Milan’s red and black striped shirt, known as the “Rossoneri,” is one of the most recognisable football jerseys in the world. Inter Milan’s blue and black striped shirt, known as the “Nerazzurri,” is another iconic design that has been synonymous with the club’s success.

Other Italian Clubs

Juventus, one of Italy’s most successful clubs, is known for their black and white striped shirt, commonly referred to as the “Bianconeri.” The distinctive design has remained largely unchanged for decades, and the Zebra’s shirt has become a symbol of the club’s history and tradition.

Sponsors have also played a significant role in the evolution of Serie A kits. In the early days of Italian football, shirts were devoid of any sponsors, but in the 1970s, sponsors began appearing on the front of jerseys, bringing in much-needed revenue for the clubs. Today, Serie A shirts are adorned with sponsors’ logos, ranging from global corporations to local businesses, adding a commercial element to the teams’ jerseys.

Scudetto Serie AScudetto On The Shirt

The Italian Football Championship began as regional and inter-regional rounds, but switched to a single-tier league from the 1929–30 Serie A season. Since then the Scudetto, a small shield-shaped emblem, was introduced to be worn on the shirts of the reigning Serie A champions. Scudetto means “little shield” in Italian, featuring the colours of the Italian flag – green, white, and red – and is a symbol of honour and pride for the club that wins the league title.

Italian Kit Sponsors

Italian football clubs have also occasionally deviated from their traditional designs to create special edition or alternate kits. These kits often feature unique color schemes, patterns, or designs, and are worn for specific occasions or during special matches. Such alternate kits have become popular among fans and collectors alike, adding variety and excitement to Serie A shirts.