Tottenham Hotspur 23/24 Away Kit

Son and company wore a predominantly navy Nike change shirt for the 2023/24 season. It had teal accents coming mainly from the collar and sleeve cuffs. Additional light purple tones were sourced from the neckline v-panel, cuff pipings and the underarm side panels. The main draw of the kit was the holographic Swoosh and crest, and the inclusion of augmented reality wherein fans were able to activate a filter on their Instagram reels when scanning the front of the shirt.



2022/23 Tottenham Hotspur Away Shirt

Tottenham Hotspur Away 2022/23 KitSpurs contrasted their plain home shirt with a dynamic away jersey for the 2022/23 season. Already mixing it up with vertical central logo placement, the club went for a colourful outfit with a deep lapis blue body and black sleeves. The arching seam above the chest and the angular ones for the sleeves gave room for a volt panel positioned right below the neckline. Also in volt were the sleeve cuffs.



2021/22 Tottenham Hotspur Away Shirt

Tottenham Hotspur Away 2021/22 KitIn contrast to the simplicity of the home shirt, the Spurs 2021/22 away shirt offered more intricacy with its looks, featuring a range of colours to produce an abstract psychedelic graphic covering the entirety of the jersey. The sleeve cuffs and round collar came in plain black to contrast with the activity of the abovementioned visuals.



2020/21 Tottenham Hotspur Away Shirt

Tottenham Hotspur Away 2020/21 KitThe 2020/21 Spurs Nike away shirt displayed a simple clean look of ‘pro green’ base filled only by the ‘barely volt’ Nike and Spurs logos and the bold white ‘AIA’ branding. The logos on the chest had subtle green outlines. Like the home kit, the away jersey had the Nike zap on both sides of the body and they came in black with peach outlines. The sleeve cuffs appeared with the same colour as the base, while the black collar contained other colour applications such as the thin volt trim near the upper edge and the peach space on the rear half.


Tottenham Hotspur Away Kits

Throughout history, the team has had various different away colours although the most frequent ones were blue and black.

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