The US Men’s National Team enjoys home court advantage as they participate in the 2024 Copa America . They are one of the high-profile teams to wear Nike football kits. In 2023, USWNT wore their latest Nike outfits for the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Check out below for the USA kit details of both USMNT and USWNT:

United States Home Kit

The United States national team is one of the most dominant sides in the CONCACAF Confederation along with Mexico. The country traditional wears white with red and/or blue accents, and are currently supplied by Nike. Their most notable players include Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan, Carlos Bocanegra, Michael Bradley, DaMarcus Beasley and Cobi Jones.

2024 United States Home Shirt

United States Home 2024 KitUSMNT continues to have a predominantly white shirt for the 2024 Copa America. And just like the previous home shirts, much of the detailing appears on the periphery. For this kit, the sleeve cuffs have a pinstriped look in red and white. That same pattern appears on the left half of the collar. Continuing the design on the collar is the solid blue fill for other half. The transition is offset towards the right and shows a clear, diagonal demarcation.



2022/23 United States Home Shirt

United States Home 2022/23 KitUSA wears a predominantly white Nike home shirt for the 2022 World Cup. The only other colour details on the kit are the boxed panels right below the neckline and the navy and red trims on the sleeves.




2020/21 United States Home Shirt

United States Home 2020/21 KitThe US national football team, through the assistance of Nike, will be sporting a new jersey as unveiled in the American sportswear giant?s announcement of the 2020 National Football Teams kit collection. The Nigerian and Korean shirts have their cultures well represented and the US national football kit is no exception.

The home kit, while significantly more minimalist compared to the other jerseys in this collection, is no less elegant as it ensures that the white, red, and blue colours of the US flag are noticeably displayed. The said jersey is primarily white while the designs would alternate between the other colours. The end lines of the sleeves are coloured red and blue and the red sits on top of the other colour. This pattern on the end of the sleeves extends to the sides of the shirt. Continuing the pattern of combining the colours in a design, the front collar of the shirt is blue while the back collar contains thin red stripes. The US badge is on the left chest area and the other side is the Swoosh symbol. Aside from the USA badge, the letters U, S, and A are printed right below the back collar.


Men’s United States Shirt

Since their first unofficial game against Canada, the uniforms have frequently featured white tops with blue shorts. In 1950, the US adopted a Peru style, featuring a diagonal stripe across the shirt. The stripe has been on third kits for 2003, 2004, and 2006, as well as the 2010 home, away and third kits.

The United States home shirt has boasted several big names in world football including Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan and Brian McBride. Arguably the most famous United States home shirt was the 1994 edition where they hosted the FIFA World Cup. The design looked more like a set of pyjama’s than a football shirt and it was worn by the likes of Alexi Lalas and Cobi Jones.

The United States men’s national soccer team played their first international match against Canada in 1885, however the game was not considered an official international so the first official match was against Sweden in Stockholm, Sweden on the 20th August 1916 with the USA winning 3-2. They play their home games across the different stadiums in the country.

The stars and stripes best showing in the world cup was reaching the semi-finals in 1930. The nation have been the CONCACAF champions on six occasions in 1991, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2013, and 2017.

Cobi Jones tops the list in terms of number of appearance. Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan are tied on the summit of most goals scored.


US Women’s  (USWNT) Kit

Women's 2023 USWNT World Cup Home Shirt

The defending champions of women’s football aims for a three-peat in the 2023 World Cup wearing the a predominantly white Nike shirt, colour that is consistent with their previous looks. The collar provides a solid navy accent, but that is overshadowed by the blue all-over kit pattern of paint-splatter. No two kits are exactly alike because of the randomness of the design’s application from one shirt to another, symbolically representing the uniqueness and individuality that make up one of the most successful teams in women’s football.
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USMNT World Cup Kits


USA World Cup 2022 KitsWorld Cup 2022 – After missing out on the 2018 World Cup, the United States eyed 2022 for its redemption. USMNT had the likes of Christian Pulisic, Sergino Dest, and Weston McKennie to hopefully lead the team to its first title. For their comeback tournament, the team had its white home shirt designed with red and blue trims on the sleeves (loosely inspired by Hockey shirt looks). Its dark blue alternate shirt had a navy tie dye graphic similar to that of the 2022/23 Leeds away.

USA World Cup 2014 KitsWorld Cup 2014 – In 2014, the away shirt that featured a block design that had blue covering the above-chest level, white acting like a chest band that spilled to the sleeves, and red for the rest of the shirt, arguably outshined the seemingly plain white polo-collared home with very minimal and narrow red collar and sleeve edge trims. The hype for the US in this WC was mostly due to its head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who was praised for his handling of native country Germany in 2006. They exited in the R16, but not after putting up a gallant stand against Belgium that included a WC-record 15 saves from GK Tim Howard.

USA World Cup 2010 KitsWorld Cup 2010 – US kits in 2010 included a white primary shirt and a navy change shirt. Both had a sash design, the former showing said visual in a faded subtle application while the latter had it in a solid white fill. The country exited in R16 but can be proud of the fact that they topped their group that also had England in it.

USA World Cup 2006 KitsWorld Cup 2006 – The 2006 US home kit was notable for its lefthand-side vertical band that had a red and navy half-and-half design. The navy away kit, on the other hand, had a white-bordered red chest band instead. This year was another classic case of just being good enough to qualify, but not go deep, for the World Cup as the US crashed in the group stage.

USA World Cup 2002 KitsWorld Cup 2002 – After reaching just the R16 since their return in 1990, the US finally reached the quarterfinals the 2002 World Cup. Interestingly, all of their wins had them wearing the white home shirt, and all losses came with the navy blue away kit. As common for Nike kits in the 2002 WC, the US outfits featured angular side panels, which were coloured red and navy for the primary strip (and white and navy for the change strip).

USA World Cup 1998 KitsWorld Cup 1998 – The US wore polo-collared kits in 1998, with the primary kit still in white and the secondary one going in red (a departure from previous WC away kits in blue). Aside from the polo collar, the outfits shared templated design of a singular narrow navy strip going across just below the neckline and spilling over to the sleeves. Furthermore, said striping was bordered after the other kit’s base colour. The US failed to move past the group stage in this WC edition.

USA World Cup 1994 KitsWorld Cup 1994 – 1994 was remembered as the year the country hosted the World Cup, and wore kits that matched the significance of the event. The home kit displayed a white and red wavy striping pattern, and the blue away kit had the shade of the popular ‘jeans’ pants with multiple white stars in various sizes covering the bottom and righthand side of the shirt. Sadly, their 2-1 victory over Colombia was overshadowed by the death of Andres Escobar, who was shot numerous times in what was perceived to be as a punishment for his own goal against the US.

USA World Cup 1990 KitsWorld Cup 1990 – US surely felt like participating in the World Cup for the first time as the 1990 campaign in Italy was 40 years removed from their last outing. They marked the occassion with a white home and a blue away kit, each carrying a templated geometrical striping design on the sleeves accented towards the opposite kit colours.