Wales Kit history in relation to major tournaments is relatively light, and so we don’t see much of their home shirt (more so with the Wales away). But little by little they are adding to it with recent participations. So not only will the bespoke red of the country be available for everyone to see at the international scene, even the alternates will now be one of the outfits that will feature in major tournaments. Check out the latest Wales away kits here. We now include the 2024 release:

Wales Away Kit

2024 Wales Away Shirt

Wales Away 2024 KitThe adidas 2024 away shirt of Wales is inspired by the Welsh buck hat. That explains the dominance of yellow and the assignment of red and green to accent detailing. The latter provides the trims shown through the template shoulder stripes and through the sides of the body. And speaking of the laterals, a parallel formation of red and green zigzag pattern shows up in a horizontal manner. This further indicates the buck hat influence.



2022/23 Wales Away Shirt

Wales Away 2022/23 KitThe Wales adidas away kit for the 2022 World Cup is mostly white, with the collar displaying the most notable design of the shirt. The said design shows a jagged zigzag visuals made out of the national colours of green, red and white, with the visuals repeated on the underarm panels toward the back. Red template shoulder stripes and green lateral trims complete the makeup of the jersey.



2020/21 Wales Away Shirt

Wales Away 2020/21 KitThe Adidas Wales 2020 away kit goes full blast in using the yellow shade found on the home shirts shoulder stripes as its primary colour. On top of that, the Condivo 20’s trademark pattern of the paint-like abstract graphic is now visible all throughout the front and the sleeves. The shoulder panel at the back is also laced with the graphic, though the panel itself is interrupted in the middle below the collar to give way to the small daffodil symbol. The neckline remains V-shaped and both cuffs and collar do not differ to the main body in terms of colour.