Galatasaray are one of the Turkish Super Lig’s best clubs having won the league title more than any other Turkish club. Nicknamed ‘Cimbom’, Galatasaray have red and yellow halved shirts with red shorts and socks. The club’s kits are supplied by Nike. The Turkish club have several household names in their current roster including Wesley Sneijder, Umut Bulut, Hamit Alt?ntop and Burak Yilmaz.

Galatasaray 23/24 Kits


Galatasaray Home Kits

Galatasaray SK were formed in 1905 and they first wore red and white home shirts then dark yellow and blue shirts during the 1907-08 season. In 1908 Galatasaray first wore red and yellow home shirts which remain today which were inspired by the roses which Gül Baba offered to Sultan Bayezid II.

Since 1908 the home shirt has used an 8-piece halved design where the sleeves are made of two alternating colours and there has been variations in the shorts used including white, red, yellow and black shorts.

2022/23 Galatasaray Home Shirt

Galatasaray Home 2022/23 KitHaving worn home shirts of multiple designs like blocks, stripes, and diagonal (as in the case of the previous season), Galatasaray went back to a no-nonsense halved design for its 2022/23 Nike home, with the entire right-hand side in amber and the opposite in maroon. The narrow sleeve cuffs and the panel formed by the seams below the front of the round neckline provided a complimentary black accent, while the whole back panel opted for a solid amber fill. The most outstanding feature of the jersey was the tonal geometric graphic that represented a roaring lion, inspired by the Aslanlar (The Lions), the club’s nickname.


2021/22 Galatasaray Home Shirt

Galatasaray Home 2021/22 KitThe Yellow-Reds of the Turkish Super Lig came up with a first for the 2021/22 season as far as their home kit was concerned. The half-and-half design of yellow-orange and dark red was diagonally formed instead of the traditional vertical separation on past home shirts, including the one used for the previous season. Its diagonal stretched from the left shoulder of the wearer up to the right side of his trunk. Everything on the left side was coloured red while the other was yellow-orange, including the entire backside. The shirt featured standard sleeve cuffs and a round collar.



2020/21 Galatasaray Home Shirt

Galatasaray Home 2020/21 KitGalatasaray players sported their traditional colours for the home games of their 2020/2021 home kit. The kit featured the usual yellow-orange and maroon-red colours that already appeared in previous seasons. Maroon-red took up the entire left hand side while the right side was completely yellow. Accompanying this colour divide was the application of an art theme, specifically having brushstroke for the demarcation.

Galatasaray Away Kits

Turkish club Galatasaray have used several different away shirts in their history. Common shirts include a white shirt with red and yellow trim and a yellow shirt with red trim.

Black is also a common away kit for Galatasaray as well as an all yellow or all red kits. In the 2000 UEFA Cup Final Galatasaray wore a white away kit with yellow and red trim where the Turkish club beat Arsenal 4-1 on penalties. The likes of Hakan Sukur and Gheorghe Hagi were playing in that match.

2022/23 Galatasaray Away Shirt

Galatasaray Away 2022/23 KitGalatasaray’s 2022/23 Nike away was black with a 3D abstract graphic resembling that of diamond shards. Incorporating the club’s colours, the sleeve cuffs and meshed panel lining up from the underarm down to the hemline were yellow-orange on the wearer’s right side and red on the other.



2021/22 Galatasaray Away Shirt

Galatasaray Away 2021/22 KitThe Galatasaray Nike away shirt for 2021/22 offered a plain black base to direct attention to the logos and brandings. Furthermore, the unfiltered look gave prominence to the lone visual design of the body’s connected central horizontal bands, carrying the club’s bespoke colours.



2020/21 Galatasaray Away Shirt

Galatasaray Away 2020/21 KitWith their 2020/2021 Nike away kit, Galatasary focused more on being subdued or toned-down, having maroon-red accent the hazy, cloudy graphic coming from the right hand side and covering mostly the abdomen area against a black base. It was the same dark shade of red used in the home kit as well as kits of the previous seasons.

Mixing well with the maroon-red base, aside from the black ones, were the yellow finish of the logos and brandings. The use of mainly red, while unusual, had its precedent in the 2013/14 and 2015/16 thirds. The logo was displayed with a monochrome yellow.



Turkish sports club Galatasaray (Galatasaray Spor Kulb) were founded in 1905 by Ali Sami Yen, who their current stadium in Istanbul is named after. Nicknamed the Lions (Aslanlar) they are the most successful Turkish football team both in the Turkish Super League and in European football. They were the first Turkish team to win a European trophy, lifting the UEFA Cup in 2000.

Hakan Sukur, Tugay, Mario Jardel, Gheorghe Popescu and Gheorghe Hagi have all pulled on the Galatasaray shirt at some point in their careers and Graeme Souness once managed them. They are well known for the passionate fans as are many Turkish football teams.

They play in home shirts of yellow and red halves, with red shorts and yellow socks.